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twitter bird wearing a christmas hat to help real estate agents navigate social media over the holidaysThis year many of you have worked hard to engage your local market via social media. During Christmas engagement can drop as many followers are less active- busy with trips and parties. You  may also be away, and less able to keep your assets up to date. To help, we have provided our top hints for maintaining social media presence for real estate businesses over the holidays.

1)    Schedule as much as you can in advance.

There are many ways that you can set up social media content before you need it to go out. Scheduling posts will allow you to maintain frequency of content even though you’re not around when the posts go out. Depending on your platform there are many ways to do this. Facebook allows you to schedule as you draft a post by clicking the clock icon in the bottom left of your status bar. For twitter- hootsuite is an excellent free tool. You can schedule posts easily and keep track of scheduled posts and interactions.

2)    Use the holidays as leverage

Christmas time gives you several predictable topics that will grab people’s attention because these are the things they think about at this time. Finding ways to relate things like “holidays”, “gifts”, “Christmas decorating”, “entertaining”, to property or your business and insight will make your posts more attention grabbing.

3)    Be different, but relevant

In light of tip 2, many of the other businesses in your followers feed will be touching on these topics. Find twists on these standards that still offer an aspect of your expertise. “Budget gifts: Christmas shopping for first home buyers” for example offers useful Christmas themed info that still relates to your inside knowledge of the property market as well as your audience.