Give our new website a go... has come a long way in the past 12 months, not only as a brand but with its presence in Google and within the social media space. What we achieved Since this time last year we have recorded a number of successes in our key areas of growth. These include:
  • 60% growth in search traffic
  • Audience reached over 1 million
  • Daily recipients of property & auction alerts hit 180,000
  • Maintained 1st page Google rankings
  • Grew Facebook Audience by 48%
  • Increased total leads delivered by 15%
  Leads Through concerted effort in search and social media we have been able to deliver you more leads over the past 4 months. Our plans for the coming year relate to doubling these efforts to generate more traffic and see you receiving even more leads. SEO Traffic Growth Over the past year many SEO initiatives have been implemented which has resulted in huge growth in search traffic when compared to the previous year. With the appointment of a new dedicated Search Specialist in December, we are already making huge strides in this area. Through a combination of campaigns, new content and site improvements our total audience is quickly growing. Our Rankings in Google One of our key areas of focus over the past 12 months has been to consistently ranking on the first page of search results for terms which are frequently searched by the public. We are therefore thrilled to announce that we have done just that. Some of the key terms we are now ranking on page 1 of Google for are;
  • Rental properties
  • Homes for Sale
  • Houses for Sale
  • Holiday Rentals
  • Property
  • Real Estate
Social Media Reach Growth Through considered effort in boosting our Facebook engagement we have seen dramatic growth in our audience over the last 6 months. We are now able to address nearly 20,000 active property seekers, daily, in a meaningful and engaging way. We are also consistently outperforming competitor sites in this area. We routinely reach and engage higher percentages of our fan audiences than they are able to with theirs. Where To From Here Over the coming 12 months we aim to build on the growth that we’ve seen in the social and search spaces as well as utilise a variety of online and offline techniques to bring more views to your properties and leads to your business. Our Autumn campaigns will see a stronger than ever Facebook push aimed at identifying and converting the active property seekers among the 10 million Aussies on the site. Offline, a major, strategic public relations campaign is set to build consumer awareness and affinity for our brand over other major portals. Finally, a focus on meeting the needs of mobile users is set to increase the percentage of property seekers with whom is the site of preference. 40% of our users currently access the site from mobile and tablet devices and through investment and innovation in the mobile space we seek to see this percentage, as well as our overall traffic, grow. If you are yet to subscribe to now is the time to do so. Contact us by calling1300 695 645 or via email