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property bloggers have their favourite blogsIt’s been an interesting year in real estate, with 2013 providing more than the recovery in the property market recovery we had all been hoping for. While this has been the focus of the news, there are also some really insightful developments and perspectives that you might have missed, so to celebrate an excellent year, we’re counting down our top 5 blog posts that you should read to finish up the year. Each article provides insight into buyer behaviour, relevant regulation, or opportunities that you may have otherwise missed.

5) “A Tale of  two cities...”

After considerable research on our part, we gave you a comparison of Melbourne and Sydney buyers and their needs. Great insight when selling to those from interstate, and even better to focus your selling on local needs.  

4) “Why South Australia could be the perfect storm...”,

was an interesting piece on a market that is often overlooked by interstate investors. A great read if you’re looking for high investment value for yourself or clients.  

3)”Changes to SMSF regulations...”

is a great refresher. These are new guidelines around an increasingly popular method of property finance and it would serve you well to remember what you’re dealing with.  

2) “Making the big jump...”

lists the top informational needs for buyers. It will help you build your collateral and provide better service to clients for 2014.  

1) “State of the Market...”

give the buyers perspective on property as well as adds insight to confidence for each of the main buyer demographics. A must read if you are new to the industry or if you’re looking for more insight on buyer motivation.