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Take your client relationships to the next level with Touchbase

Tired of running back to the office to type up all of your handwritten contacts from opens? In today’s busy environment, it’s more important than ever that your processes are streamlined, so that you can spend more time on prospecting and selling, rather than on administration tasks such as this. Touchbase, our powerful communications tool for property professionals, allows you to do just this.

The Touchbase app is available for use on your iPad, as well as on your PC, and allows you to keep in regular contact with all buyers, sellers, renters and landlords.

A few of the features of Touchbase include:

  • The use of personalised SMS and email, allowing you to send follow up communications posit inspection, advice of a price reduction, timey reminders for upcoming auctions and more.
  • Ability to capture buyer details are inspections – enter contacts directly into a database which sync’s with your online Touchbase account.
  • Integration with your existing CRM system hit the streets to find out what agents think of Touchbase.

Tristan Messerle (Sales Consultant/Auctioneer at Morrison Kleeman Estate Agents).

1) How has Touchbase helped you in your job as a Real Estate agent?

Touchbase enables me to capture prospective purchaser information in a timely manner at each open for inspection and streamlines the process, as contact information is stored and auto fills if they are a return visitor. It allows me to keep my entire stocksheet and that of our company, with photos, on me at all times to show purchasers. The map function is brilliant if specific location requirements are sought. Potential vendors are impressed with the ability to show archived properties which may be similar to theirs and the lists of pre-qualified buyers already available for their own property.

2) How has Touchbase reduced administration for you?

The simplicity of “ticking” a box for every open home attendee and the ability to “tick” another box for them to receive a section 32 or other information is invaluable. As soon as I finish an open I simply close that open and texts and emails are sent out automatically to prospects. I no longer have to go back into the office or have reception send out documentation.

3) How has Touchbase increased listing numbers for you?

Touchbase has allowed me to offer prospective vendors a market appraisal immediately after an open through a text and email. It’s a contact point they receive well before any other agent in the area contacts them post open. The archive properties folder allows easy access to a considerable database of pre-qualified buyers together with a great resource of comparable homes.

4) How has Touchbase assisted you in responding to buyers and vendors?

It’s all automatic! I don’t have to think about who I’ve contacted and when. Every open attendee receives a text and email, and my vendors are immediately informed of how many people have come through their home and how many people have requested contracts.

5) How easy is Touchbase to use and what are the best features?

Touchbase is very simple to use and is much quicker than writing down information at an open. Clients engage with the screen and are quick to correct any spelling errors or mistakes in email addresses and phone numbers. The best features are the contact texts/emails straight after an open, the archive database and the map function for listings.