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South Australian Property Data


The information contained in this dataset is extracted from records of land status and cadastral boundary definition held by the Government of South Australia (the “State”). The information is not represented to be accurate, current, complete, or suitable for any purpose, at the time of its supply by the State, and may have changed since the date of supply by the State.

The software by which the information is provided is not represented to be error free.

No responsibility is accepted by the State for any reliance placed by any person upon the information, or the software by which it is provided. Persons acquiring or using the information and its associated software must exercise their independent judgement in doing so.


Copyright in the information remains with the Crown in right of the State of South Australia. The information is reproduced under licence from the Crown.


The information contained in this dataset must not be used for the purposes of compiling contact lists, whether personalised or not.

Property Data