Near Completed Home - 6.5 Acres

ATTENTION all home BUILDERS, this is a project to complete and could be worth your while allowing the move onto rural acres!! This property is one of a kind. Currently the owner is living in the existing dwelling, partially halfway through building their dream home. Due to unforseen circumstances the property has to be sold as is!! This now leaves an opportunity for someone handy to take advantage of their current approved plans. The new home is massive in size and is more then half complete. The bricks are included in the sale. The current 2 bedroom residence is council approved and is transportable so when the new home is complete it can me moved or sold but serving its purpose while you are adding the finishing touched to the partially built home. The block is elevated and would suit horses or stock being only 5 minutes drive to Tahmoor shopping centre. . The owner is HIGHLY MOTIVATED and will consider all offers.

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R Coffee Co.

R Coffee Co.


REVIEWS (4):"A breakfast or lunch at R Coffee Co. is the best reason to escape Sydney for a day (or a whole weekend!) and come down the beautiful Picton. The coffee is..."

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