10 of the most stylish pet beds for your home

Written by view.com.au in Buying

Let’s face it. There is something funny going on. We are undeniably heading towards having a pet dog or cat long before we have kids, and we are all too happy to spend on our furry friends. There have been a number of institutions that have tried to measure our spend in the past few years. The CBA estimated in 2018 that our spending had nearly doubled over the prior two years, to $743 million spent in 2017. Health/vet spend takes up a good chunk of this, as does increasingly healthy (and expensive) nutrition, but accessories also make up a good portion of the $179 million CBA estimated consumers spent in pet stores and suppliers in 2017.

The days of our pets spending their days and nights outside are long gone. You would even have raised eyebrows in a conversation if you mentioned that your dog was an ‘outside’ dog. Many people just wouldn’t understand what you meant. Why wouldn’t your pet be a part of the family as much as possible?

Unfortunately, pet beds have until recently been letting the team down, inspiring little love from us or our pets. This has changed with an increasing availability of stylish bed choices from major outlets as well as independent suppliers. Whether your budget is $10 or $200, here are some top pet beds to keep your home looking stylish and to give your little friend a reason to strut around the place.


Pet Quilted Couch Topper

A highly affordable bed, this ‘couch topper’ protects your furniture while giving you the opportunity to keep your mate close by during the scariest parts of a horror flick. Keep it on the couch at the end of the night or flip the lower flap over to create extra cushioning during the night.

Puppy Hammock 

Yes, a more expensive option, but as those studies are showing, we are not opposed to splashing a bit on our pets if the products are set to last. The puppy hammock’s name says it all, it’s simple really, but every puppy’s dream if they could tell us.



 Microfibre Pet Towel

This is for the practically minded, and at only $5, for the frugally minded as well. The microfibres in this towel will keep hairs from straying across the house, while it can easily be folded and placed anywhere in the house to keep things looking minimal and clean.


Shoot the Dog

Wicker Lounge

One of the most expensive options on the list, this isn’t for the faint of heart. You have to admit, it is very sleek, but more suitable to an outside setting than inside, and more cumbersome than some of the other options here. If you invested in Bitcoin and got out in plenty of time, perhaps splashing out on this ‘lounge’ for your friend is worth it.


‘Abode Open House’ 

Your pet has to be a fan of the Bauhaus movement and enjoys attending art exhibition openings. The Abode Open House can come with a backing or can be completely open, and will instantly give every other pet in the neighbourhood a complex.


Drum Half Bed

One of the most stylish beds here, the Drum Half Bed is understated but definitely different to the types of beds any dogs of the past happened across. From the same team that bring the above ‘Abode’ home, these are pricier but definitely the most impressive pet beds out there.



Our pets, especially our dogs, do not display their pain very easily as they grow old. For this reason, we often think they are simply slow to move out of their beds, when in reality they may be in pain as they move. An Orthobed is a good way to help your pet’s aching joints in the later years, and it is perfect for a smaller space – don’t forget to check out the top 15 best apartment dogs too!


Pet Tent

Not much needs to be said for this one. It is relatively affordable and very cute. Different colours and patterns are available, making this an interesting touch to your own home styling.



From IKEA, the Lurvig is the best way to create your own occasionally smelly, furry, Mini-Me. While this may fit in with your furniture, be conscious of how easy it is to clean.


Burrow Bed 

A relatively expensive but independently made and high-quality bed for your dog or cat. Besides being a stylish addition to your home, the Burrow Bed is easily washable, which is all we really care about, right?