5 ways to insulate your windows this winter

Written by view.com.au in Buying on May 23, 2016

5 ways to insulate your windows this winter

Winter is coming. So, get the fuzzy bunny slippers, hot cocoa and Netflix subscription ready. Because in Australia, winter means two things. One, no more beach bod (hooray for winter comfort food!) and two, enjoying toasty warm nights indoors, while the wind and rain rages outdoors. And if it is raging outside, you don’t want that inside so before you sit down, it’s time to insulate your windows!

If your home isn’t properly insulated, your winter hibernation could be short lived. Draughts, icy rooms, and sky-high heating bills can quickly make your time at home an uncomfortable time. One of the most common causes of ineffectual insulation? Unmaintained windows.

Fortunately, solving this problem doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. Here are five things you can do to better insulate your windows this winter.

1. Stop the draught with a window seal

A perfect job for the handyman (or handy-woman), window sealing is a cheap and easy way to stop draughts from entering your home. All it requires is some basic tools and a little DIY.

You can find everything you need to seal your windows, including seals, cloth and safety knife at your local hardware store.

Sustainability Victoria provides a step-by-step guide to sealing your windows here.

2. Insulate your glass with window film

When it comes to home insulation, windows are about as good at stopping heat loss as they are at stopping soccer balls. You could try it but chances are you’d just end up with another draught.

Window film is a protective layer which you apply over the top of your window glass. It enhances the insulation properties of your windows, which in turn helps to keep cold air out while keeping warm air in.

You can apply window film yourself or you can hire a window film installer for a more professional finish.

3. Add a crafty solution with a window snake

Window snakes are a fun way to stop cool air from leaking in at the base of your windows. Plus, crafting your own can provide a fun activity for a winter afternoon indoors with family or friends.

All you need is some material, rice, and string. You can style your window snakes with googly eyes, sparkles, miniature hats, or whatever else your imagination can come up with.

Not sure how to make a window snake? You can find numerous handy DIY guides online.

4. Keep the warm air in with heavier curtains

Curtains do more than just keep the gaze of prying neighbours out. A set of heavy curtains can do wonders for keeping the warm air in at night. And, of course, they’re retractable for when you want to let the morning sun in.

While the cost of replacing your old curtains can easily reach into the hundreds of dollars, you could get a significant chunk of that money back via reduced heating costs.

When chosen properly, a good set of curtains can be like a cosy winter sweater for your windows.

5. Insulate your windows with cellular shades

An affordable alternative to curtains, cellular shades work by insulating your windows with ‘honeycomb cells’. These cells catch warm air before it can filter out through your windows, thereby keeping warmth indoors.

Your shades should be installed as close to your window glass as possible, with the sides of the shade held tight to the wall. This will help to create a sealed air space.

It’s worth noting, that shades don’t have to be an alternative to curtains either. You can easily couple shades with a set of curtains, for twice the insulating power.

Author: This article was supplied by Bax Window Solutions. Call the team at Bax for all your window cleaning needs.