7 kids room ideas to inflate your child’s ego

Written by Douglas Ross in Buying

A boy in a cape peers up at the sky with his arms outstretched

If you are scrounging around for kids room ideas and want to set your wee ones up for a successful future, then maybe don’t read on. These dreamlike kids bedroom designs are destined to ensure your children grow up to believe that they are the Second Coming. But if it is your prerogative to warp the minds of our future leaders here are 7 ideas for the kids room to bring up 7 special types of people:

1. The Dreamer

This kids room is mindbogglingly beautiful. King Louis XIV of France would have been jealous but nevertheless, be aware of bringing up a child who thinks it’s normal to sleep in a gilded silk weather balloon. It just isn’t. And if you haven’t questioned whether this bedroom is even real, then you’ve got other problems. The image is more Photoshopped than Justin Bieber’s abs.

2. The Athlete

This kids room is admittedly amazing and any child would happily sacrifice their younger siblings to the gods just to have a rock climbing wall in their room. But still, there is taking your kids to Saturday sport and then there is creating a monster who can lift their own body weight with a single pinky. If you want to feel safe in your home then buy a bulldog, don’t rear one.

3. The Artist

The only kind of artist you want to bring up is one who has issues with their father. Those are the truly great artists. You should worry about what sort of artist you are going to bring up who grows up sleeping in this room. Not only will ‘moss green’ become their signature colour choice, but they’ll end up having a studio in Sydney’s Darlinghurst and talk all the time about constructs.

4. The Carpenter

Be cautious of bringing up a child who has a deep love affair with wood. Yes, wood is lovely and natural but they don’t have to be running their hands along their bed all day and talking incessantly about the joinery. Think your son could grow up to be that perfectly bearded man who makes furniture for a living, drives an imported Chevy truck and a Cattle Dog who never leaves his side? That man doesn’t exist. Or if he does, he is in excessive debt because he spends months at a time building a single bench.


5. The Princess

Kids are adorable and who wouldn’t want to create a fantasy world for them in which they can bask in the warm innocence of youth. But with many of us lacking the skills to actually build a replica of Cinderella’s carriage, the cost (emotionally and financially) of purchasing a bed like this, having it delivered and then constructing it would probably far exceed any unconditional love a parent could ever feel for their child. Secondly, what happens in a year when they decide they are into pro wrestling?

6. The Nomad

If you ever want to see your child again, don’t build a single engine prop plane in the kids room. They will hit 18-years of age and set off on a ‘gap year’ that never ends. Sure, their career as a photographer for National Graphic might seem impressive, but do you think you’ll get to see them for your birthday or Christmas? Forget about it. Even if this reality doesn’t eventuate, planes are likely to be flown by robots in the future, so maybe don’t push that career choice.

7. The Sailor

Boats are renowned to put a whole in your wallet that can’t be patched up. Add to this the possibility of bringing up a child who ends up trying to sail their yacht blindfolded across the Pacific and they may be destined for a short life. As far as kids room ideas go, it is pretty impressive though isn’t it? Ok, this one is fine.

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