Choosing the perfect couch for your lounge

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The living room is where the family spends most of its time relaxing, whether it be through watching shows on Netflix or playing boardgames – it’s the heart of the home and designing it can be exciting and fun.

But things do get stressful especially when deciding on which furniture, or more specifically, which couch to get for your living room. It is the most important piece of furniture as it will ultimately define the look and feel of your lounge, so the stress is understandable. To make things easier for you, here are five factors that you might want to take into consideration when choosing the perfect couch for your home to kickstart your lounge designing journey.

A dark couch in a living room


The most important thing to do when you are planning to purchase a couch, or any furniture for that matter, is to measure your space. There is nothing more frustrating than falling in love with a couch, purchasing it, and finally bringing it home, only to find that it doesn’t fit in your lounge or worse, you can’t even get it through your front door. So before you jump onto choosing colours and designs and all the other fun stuff, make sure to take the tape measure out and measure the dimensions of your lounge space, the hallways and every door your couch will need to get through.

An L-shaped couch in a light-filled living room

Shape and orientation

The couch is the largest piece of furniture in the lounge and it can dictate the layout of the room. An L-shaped couch is a common option these days for people who have enough space in their living rooms. It is sleek and casual at the same time and provides a lot of seating space which is something to consider if you like having guests over. Its shape defines its versatility as it allows you to place it at the corner of the room or in the middle, if you want to add a subtle division in your space. However, if you don’t have the space for L-shaped, U-shaped, or a full couch set, it is best to opt for a two or a three-seater with an extra chair or ottoman.

A brown leather couch


Being the most used furniture in a house’s family room, your couch needs to be both comfortable and durable. Cotton and linen are durable and soft but are both susceptible to wrinkling. They are, however, easy to clean and are common choices for slipovers so take that into consideration if you have any pets at home or kids who love to eat while watching their favourite show. Leather couches can last up to 4 times longer than a fabric couch. They are durable, flexible and smooth but you might want to avoid them if your living room is positioned where it receives a great amount of sunlight as it can fade within a few months in direct sun. Synthetic materials like polyester can provide you with a variety of choices of colour and tend to be more durable but may not be able to give you the same degree of comfort as a couch made of natural materials.

A pink couch that pops in this living room


If you want you want your lounge to have a pop of colour, buying a bright coloured couch or a patterned one are a few of your fun options. It is also helpful to look at the colour chart to see if it complements the colours of the rest of your furniture and décor. If you are going more for a minimalist look, neutral colours are the best choice which, by the way, is not just limited to black, whites, creams and greys. Again, it is always important to take in consideration the position of your lounge in terms of sunlight exposure as brighter and more vivid colours tend to fade more intensely.

A couch with family lounging on it

Comfort level

Cushion fillings determine the level of comfort you experience when sitting on your couch and probably the best option on the market right now is choosing the combination of feathers and foam. Feather-filled cushions provide the ultimate comfort experience but is high in maintenance while foam cushions will eventually lose their shape over time. The combination of these two materials will provide you with both the comfort and durability which are both important factors when choosing your couch. If you want to take an extra step towards comfort, maybe consider getting a recliner or a chaise sofa for extra lounging space.