How much would it cost to live at Disney World?

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How much would it cost to live at Disney World?

If you’ve ever been blessed enough to walk the hallowed grounds of Walt Disney World, you’ll know after just a few short days in this magical realm, leaving can be a somewhat depressing experience.

So we figured, why leave?

With Australian housing prices soaring to record highs, alternate ways of living such as tiny homes or converted vans are become more and more commonplace. While some may say this is not necessarily ‘practical’ or ‘attainable’ (whatever, pessimists), we’ve crunched the numbers and worked out another alternative lifestyle choice: how much it would cost to live at Disney World for an entire YEAR.

Back in 2016, Youtuber Rob Plays created a video which provided us with three separate price categories to live at Disney World; The Value Package, The Moderate Package and The Deluxe Package. We’ve done exactly the same, but updated it to reflect 2018 prices and converted it to AUD for you lucky people.


So, exactly how much would it cost to live at Disney World for a year?


Baloo from Disney's 'The Jungle Book' dances to 'The Bare Necessities' song

The Value Package (the bare necessities)

To access full-use of the park, minus the water parks, the Value Package includes an annual Disney Platinum pass. At current exchange rates, this will set you back $1,152.71 AUD (or $3.16 a day – doesn’t seem so bad now does it?).

Using we worked out the average cost of ‘quick service meals’ (or fast food) at a number of the food options Disney World has to offer. With three square meals a day, you’ll spend about $19,631.36 AUD for your yearly feed.

The Value Package includes a value hotel. The All-Star Sports Resort is one of the cheapest options available within the park, and for a 365-night stay, you’ll be looking at roughly $55,838 AUD.

PARK ACCESS $1,152.71 $904.19
MEALS $19,631.36 $15,398.96
ACCOMMODATION $55,838.43 $43,800
TOTAL $76,622.50 $60,103.15


Tiana from Disney's 'The Princess and the Frog' serves people at a restaurant

The Moderate Package (mid-range, still totally doable)

We upgraded to the Disney Platinum Pass Plus for our Moderate Package, which bumps the annual pass up to $1,288.17 AUD, but gives you full access to all the parks and water parks.

For meals, we upped the menu to include two quick service meals and one delicious table service meal (table service meals you get service at your… table). It works out to around $800.56 AUD per 10 days, or $29,220.35 for the entire year.

Finally, the Moderate Package offers accommodation at the Port Orleans Resort, boasting a Garden View Room which has an average rate of $295.70 AUD, or $107,928.89 per year.

PARK ACCESS $1,288.17 $1,010.69
MEALS $29,220.35 $22,926.01
ACCOMMODATION $107,928.89 $84,680
TOTAL $138,437.41 $108,616.70


The Disney Castle at Walt Disney World surrounded by fireworks

The Deluxe Package (the crème-de-la-crème)

For the ultimate Disney World experience, you again need the Disney Platinum Pass Plus at $1,288.17 AUD.

The menu now consists of a singular quick service meal and two table services meals, setting you back a cool $35,714.69 AUD.

And finally, for prime real estate, you are looking at the Contemporary Resort in a Garden Wing Deluxe Room. As one of the most expensive hotels in the entire park, it costs more than DOUBLE the Moderate Package at $258,657.18 AUD.

PARK ACCESS $1,288.17 $1,010.69
MEALS $35,714.69 $28,021.41
ACCOMMODATION $258,657.18 $202,940
TOTAL $295,524.58 $231,972.10


So there you have it, to live at Disney World for a year can cost you anywhere between $76k and $295k.

See? A totally affordable alternate living option.

…Ok, maybe not. But keep in mind with daily new deals and discounts at multiple locations for annual passholders, reducing the cost of your year-long relationship with Disney World is totally possible.

Or just start wishing a whole harder.

Charlotte from Disney's 'The Princess and Frog' wishes on a star with Tiana looks on


So, what could this ACTUALLY get you property-wise in Australia?

The Value Package

If you chose to live at Disney World, in the cheapest hotel for a year, you could also have afforded to rent in some of the swankiest suburbs in your city FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR. For Melbournians, you are looking at suburbs including Southbank, the Melbourne CBD and Docklands, or three-bedroom apartments in Fitzroy, Collingwood or Richmond.

The Moderate Package

$107k for decent Disney World accommodation is money well-spent, but it is also easily a home deposit. Borrowing at 90% you could enter the million-dollar home club, (Sydney-siders, think Bondi, Padstow or Redfern), or at 80% to help avoid Lenders Mortgage Insurance you are looking at something around the $535k mark.

The Deluxe Package

If you are willing to head out of the cities, the cost of a year at Disney World’s best resorts could also purchase you AN ENTIRE HOME. The median value of homes in locations like Ballarat North (VIC), Mount Austin (NSW), Gympie (QLD), Mansfield Park (SA), Wanneroo (WA) and even Launceston in Tasmania are all under the $250k mark.