Four upsides to moving (you may have forgotten about during the chaos)

Written by in Buying on July 11, 2017

Four upsides to moving (you may have forgotten about during the chaos)

If you are feeling a little tentative about your next move, then you may not have considered all of the possible upsides to moving that so many people fail to recognise. During all the hustle and bustle (and stress) of searching for properties, selling your own, packing, moving, decorating, signing contracts, refinancing… it’s fair enough that you may find it hard to look at the big picture. If this sounds like you, take a step back and think about these upsides to moving.

Couple packs up their possessions in boxes

Shed your skin

Do as the snakes do and shed some of that dead weight you’ve been dragging along for so long. That paella pan you used just once can go, as can the exercise bike. Or do the more practical thing of designating your belongings while you pack into three piles – Yes, No, Maybe, or any other combination of this same idea (Useful, Beautiful, Neither but still means something to you, Definitely Trash). One of the greatest upsides to moving, and the one that happens as a natural part of moving, is the chance to cut the clutter that you have collected over the years. This will make it easier to decorate your new home and mature your personal style to reflect the person you are now, not the person you were ten years ago.

Challenge yourself

Depending on whether you see the glass half full or half empty, one of the greatest upsides to moving homes is that it takes you out of your comfort zone. This is definitely the case if you are moving cities, towns or countries, but even moving suburbs can provide you with challenges. While a new country may throw up challenges such as a new language, different cultural practices or a new job, a domestic move can often pose similar challenges. Getting out of your comfort zone is the only way to grow that comfort zone so that it can accept and deal with greater challenges in the future. As Evelyn Waugh once wrote, “Change is the only evidence of life”.

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New friends, new opportunities

Leaving old friends behind, a new move also brings with it new neighbourhoods and new friends. A common malady people complain of is a sense of boredom with the world in which they inhabit. Moving homes allows for new opportunities to come by way of meeting new people. Just as it was with your first crush, or that person who gave you a break in your career, you never quite know the influence an individual is going to have over your life. With a neighbourhood of new individuals to meet, the possibilities for new opportunities are there for the taking.

Man meditates on the suburb fringes

Mental reset

An amalgamation of all the above, the greatest of the upsides of moving happens to be what it presents your mind. Clearing your clutter, getting out of your comfort zone where you need to start to acquire and build your skills, and finding new people and opportunities all work in unison to provide you with the chance to reset a complacent or tired mind. There is no denying that the actual process of moving is one hell of a stressful ride. So much so that people have studied the psychology of moving, finding certain people more open to moving more often and to more challenging destinations. While you will feel mentally tired (actually, exhausted) during the moving process, what you don’t realise is happening is that you are providing your mind with the chance to start over.