Which neighbourhood suits your personality? Check out your pocket profile

Written by view.com.au in Buying on September 11, 2017

Which neighbourhood suits your personality? Check out your pocket profile

How well do you know your neighbours? Looking at buying property in a different suburb but not sure if you’ll fit in? Now there’s a way to get a sneak peek at the types of people who live around any address, without stalking them: with a pocket profile!

By drawing on Roy Morgan’s Helix Personas, view.com.au’s Property 360 Price Estimate tool gives you a snapshot of the residents who live in an area of just a few streets. It’s called a “pocket profile” and it’s very revealing.

Simply type in the address and you can see things like how residents spend their time, their attitudes and values, and even whether they like to stream music (though it can’t tell you the top songs on their playlist!).

Are they child-free adventure-loving careers people? Or are they busy taxiing a car-load of kids around all weekend? Do they love hosting dinner parties and going to live theatre? Or would they rather be snuggled up at home streaming blockbuster movies?

Meet the neighbours, check out their pocket profile and see if you can find your perfect match:

Pocket profile by state

Port Melbourne, VIC

“Dress for success” is my mantra. Whether in the boardroom or at Yogalates, my goal is to be the best dressed. Actually, my goal is to be the best – full stop.



Adelaide, SA

YouTube is possibly the greatest thing to happen to mankind. No, make that Spotify. No, Netflix! Now that Game of Thrones is over, I need something new to watch…



Rosebery, NT

You want to meet up on Friday? Actually, that’s no good for me; I’m taking Isabella to ballet. No, Saturday is Dylan’s footy practice and Sunday is out too – we have a brunch. Next weekend is out, and the weekend after that. But I think we’re free on the second Tuesday in January 2021?



Echuca, VIC

I may be of advanced years, but I’m busier now than I’ve been. I love when my kids and grandkids come to stay…but I love it even more when they leave. These are my golden years, so it’s time to put myself first.



Canberra, ACT

Kids? What kids? I’d rather spend time travelling, pursuing my career and being cultured. Last night we went to the theatre. Okay, so we saw Aladdin, but it’s still the theatre.



Perth, WA

We went to the theatre too – but the cinema can also be a fun night out. It’s old-fashioned, but receiving something in the mail is still exciting!



Toowoomba, QLD

I love my quiet, country town and wouldn’t change a thing. And neither should anyone else!



Surfers Paradise, QLD

Party! Tell your mates, tell everyone. It’s happening right here and now!


Sydney, NSW

I share my house with five people and 15 laptops. Most nights we all hang out and stream stuff. Not the same stuff, of course, what’s the point in that?


Hobart, TAS

I’m single at the moment, but between work and training for my next event, I don’t have time for anything else. Last week I got a PB and nothing could beat that feeling of satisfaction. I suppose you could say I’m married… to my bike.


What’s your pocket profile? Head to Property 360 to check out your address and pocket profile!