Preparing to attend open for inspections

Written by in Buying on April 22, 2015

Preparing to attend open for inspections

It’s time to practice that poker face you’ve been working on.  Even if you’ve found ‘the one’- don’t let on. Open homes can inspire even the most disinterested of property seekers. Aside from the gawking into people’s wardrobes and admiring color schemes, it can also be a fantastic opportunity to determine what you want, where you want to be, and what you can afford.

While an exciting Saturday afternoon adventure, don’t be lured by the jovial agent and smell of freshly baked cake wafting from the kitchen. Open homes are rife with subtle strategies and power plays- there is a lot at stake, especially if you’ve found your dream home so it is essential to go in with a game plan.

  1. Start searching on screen

To make searching simple, real estate today has been “built for thumbs”. Start online and do your research via realestateVIEW’s suite of technology options- from desktop, to tablet to smart phone App. A seasoned property seeker will tell you that timing can be everything with your hunt, and there are a number of tools to help you stay ahead of the game, such as agency branded Apps. If you have an agent in mind to help you, enquire as to whether their agency have their own propertyVIEW live App. As soon as they have put a property on the market, it will immediately notify you with details via the App, meaning you are always on the pulse with the latest listings.

  1. Treat the open home as a tutorial

Treat every welcome mat you wipe your feet on as the start of a class on buying property. Inspect every aspect of the home from the water pressure to the attic, then look beyond it.  What are your priorities? Consider the neighbourhood, local amenities, schools, nearby transport. When you start asking questions, it may often prompt more you hadn’t thought of.

  1. Respond- don’t react

While listening to your gut is important- this is most likely to be your biggest investment decision so act accordingly. You will not buy the house that day, so avoid getting swept up in the emotional element of house hunting. First home buyers have a tendency to make impulsive choices- don’t make a decision on the spot. Even if you’ve found the one that ticks all your boxes, shop around and sleep on it.

  1. Cards to your chest

It is the home that is open for inspection- not the buyer. Be wary of giving away too much information about yourself because you literally may pay for it later. Be it your property preferences, your price range, interest in the property, or your time frame to buy. This is the time to appear aloof because if the agent senses your interest, it could potentially give you less leverage when it comes down to negotiations.

  1. Like the agent but not the property? “Purchase” him instead

While you may not have found your perfect match with the house, consider the agent’s performance. Was he knowledgeable? Personable and interested in your search? Your agent is a valuable tool to helping you secure a home, so if you are impressed, take their card to touch base later on.