Protecting your home with the latest technology

Written by in Buying on April 27, 2016

Protecting your home with the latest technology

Do you leave the home and fear the safety of your prized possessions? Technology has progressed in every aspect of life, from smart phones to car navigation. And all those locks around the home are undergoing their own changes.  Gone are the days of just a barrel and key to lock up your home. Technology has enabled ‘connected’ homes and as part of that, ‘smart’ or ‘high tech’ locks are becoming more sophisticated and more commonly used.

While you can’t guarantee the safety of your possessions, there are measures you can take to keep your items safe. Here is the technology we think you should keep an in mind when replacing your old locks or upgrading to a more secure solution to ensure the safety of your family, pets and valuable items:

1. Touch Screen

Just like accessing your smartphone,  touch screens do away with keys through the use of a PIN. You can pair these systems with keys in case of emergency. It is easy to change access with them by simply changing a code, and they are usually backed up with strong, deadbolt kind of locks.

2. Bluetooth

Bluetooth locks enable you to unlock your home via a Smartphone app. The Bluetooth interface is combined with high tech encryption to provide a secure solution for your home. There are multiple ways that this can be used to your advantage:

  • Grant access to friends and relatives as needed when you are away from home
  • Create dedicated entry codes for when you are showing a house, for staff or tradespeople
  • Use one-time codes that have an expiry date.

Some versions have doorbell cameras so that you can see who is at your door before you grant access from anywhere, on any device.

3. Low Energy Blue Tooth

Your home or office could feel like an episode of Get Smart. A device such as a smartphone pairs with the lock, they connect from a few feet away and the door then unlocks. When you touch the lock with your finger, even if your device is in your pocket, the door will unlock through heat activation. It also lets you create multiple users with different levels of access.

4. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Cards, tokens, wristbands and even jewellery can open an RFID lock, as long as there is an RFID chip inside. RFID technology just needs a single touch with the chip to unlock. It is common in commercial applications and has a significant presence on the residential market.

5. Multi Use

Multi use locks can combine a key fob deadbolt, touch pad or pin pad for people that are not comfortable with Smart or high tech locks. They look like a regular deadbolt yet give you a variety of access options for your home.

Choosing the Best Lock for You

Picking the best lock for your property is not as easy as it used to be. With the wide range of different locks available with varying capabilities, it can be difficult to choose what you need. You also need to take into account, with all High Tech locks, the added security you need to ensure they cannot be hacked via the Internet.

A security specialist can assess your premises and give you advice on the locks that suit your needs and your budget.

Author: Five Star Locksmiths (Melbourne) provides full range of residential, commercial, automotive and emergency locksmith services, 24/7, 365 days a year in Melbourne’s CBD and its suburbs.

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