Updating your home with wallpaper

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There was a long period there where people treated wallpaper like it was in the most contagious stage of the flu. Home styling is as hard to predict and as cyclical as fashion, and the saturation of wallpaper designs in the ’90s led to a rejection by homeowners and designers of the traditional wall covering, opting instead for the cleanliness of bare painted walls.

Now, however, wallpaper is back on the scene. As the proportion of the population remains in the rental market for longer, the more there is a demand for temporary design solutions that reflect an individual’s personality and tastes. Wallpaper can be an affordable and effective way to quickly update your home design, and thanks to new technologies, you can reuse wallpaper and take it to your next home.

Wallpaper designs for 2019

Wallpaper doesn’t have to mean low quality or ornately delicate floral designs. In 2019, we should expect to see a lot of what became popular in 2018, where people are not afraid to be bold with their choices, especially as they can so easily change designs to suit different seasons and different moods.

Meditteranean canva-close-up-photo-of-brown-textile

Mediterranean wallpaper designs continue to be popular in coastal areas, but there is an increasing amount of bold colour being injected into these sorts of wallpaper designs, especially with the use of burnt sienna and rich blues.


These rich colours can either benefit from being accompanied by equally bold decorative pieces, furniture, textures and artwork, playing a supportive role in the overall feeling of warmth (great for winter), or when the warmer months arrive, ‘less is more’ is often a great philosophy for your decorations.



There is considerable scope to welcome a lush design into your home using wallpaper. Just as Meditteranean, floral and period designs are leaning towards being more bombastic and rich in nature, much of the interior design we are seeing that incorporates wallpaper leans heavily on lush uses of strong palettes.

Dark and detailed


People aren’t afraid to fill their spaces with things that mean a lot to them, as long as they maintain space in their designs. To this end, dark and detailed wallpapers can add warmth, while engaging visitors by inviting them to follow designs. Against deep greens and blues in your wallpaper, try adding other earthy colours to maintain an understated but rich colour palette.

Period piece


We have seen a strong return to wallpaper designs from previous eras, especially Georgian and Victorian eras. Designs are often very floral and can be used in moderation to completely overhaul how you experience a room, especially if your home is not a traditional Victorian terrace.



Floral wallpaper designs in 2019 continue to follow what we saw last year, which was a move away from smaller and solid designs to large illustration pieces, often with plants and floral patterns that reflect Australian native species as well as the strong appetite for the most common interior plant species.

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Wabi sabi


The ‘imperfect’ has driven a lot of interior design in recent years, with homeowners to designers seeking out items that can display their history and lifespan in their very condition. This has extended to wallpaper design, with cracked and imperfect designs echoing this desire for many to achieve a sense of individuality in how they display their home to guests, as well as how they experience it on a daily level.