What to Ask Your Builder Before You Buy A House And Land Package

Written by view.com.au in Buying on September 29, 2015

What to Ask Your Builder Before You Buy A House And Land Package

Buying a house and land package is a major commitment. When things do not go according to plan it can be very costly and disappointing. Luckily, you can avoid most building problems and frustrations early on – by choosing a great, reputable builder. Are you uncertain of where to start in your quest to find the perfect home builder? Ask the following eight questions to see if your builder is right for you.


  1. Are you adequately licensed and qualified?

This is the first and probably most important question to ask a potential builder. You can face serious consequences if you choose to work with a builder who does not have a license. Ensure that your builder has good credentials and will be able to take on the whole building project successfully. You can also check a builder’s credentials through the Home Industry Association, the Department of Fair Trading and the Masters Builders Association


  1. Do you have insurance?

A builder should have home indemnity insurance. This will protect you in the unfortunate event of the bankruptcy, injury or death of your builder. Avoid working with a builder with no insurance at all costs.


  1. Can I visit some of your recent and current projects?

View some of the builder’s recent projects. You will get a good idea of the builder’s type of work and building processes. A recent project will also show proof of the quality of building materials a builder uses and expected end results.

  1. Can you provide me with a list of references?

A great builder will have many happy customers and most builders will not hesitate to provide you with a list of previous clients. By speaking directly to their past clients you will get a good insight into the builder’s work process and commitments.


  1. Is the land suitable for my home?

Building a home on a unsuitable piece of land, whether it is the shape, its slope or surface, can create many problems and result in unforeseen extra Check that your chosen builder has surveyed the land well and communicated any issues with you.


  1. What are all the costs?

The builder should give you a cost estimate and it should all be stipulated in a contract that benefits both parties. Thoroughly check the contract for any hidden costs and do not hesitate to ask for clarity or changes.


  1. How many other projects are you currently involved with?

You may think that a popular builder is your best choice, but you also don’t want a builder that is too busy to give your project proper attention. Find a builder that has a good track record, but who doesn’t commit to too many projects at any given time.

  1. How long will it take to complete the project?

To avoid frustration and disappointment, your expectations should meet the builder’s project plan and timeline. Ask for a time frame that stipulates when the builder plans to complete certain key phases of the project and when the builder will hand over the completed home to you.


About the author:  Cameron Bell is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Complete Homes.  Complete Homes are new home builders in Perth, specialising in house and land packages throughout the Perth metropolitan area. Cameron has over twenty years experience in the building industry, including working for two storey, multi unit development builders and for land estates. Cameron also has his real estate agents’ licence and has run his own real estate company, allowing him unique insights into the property market in WA.