What to look for in a real estate agent

Written by view.com.au in Buying on June 12, 2015

What to look for in a real estate agent

The real estate industry is fast-paced and constantly evolving. So, what is it that makes a real estate agent successful at what they do?

Many would say that good salespeople are the ones that make for the best agents. But those in the industry know that it takes more than just the ability to close a sale. Real estate agents often have a range of skills that sometimes go unrecognised. Yet, it is these very skills that ultimately make them successful agents. Excellent people skills, networking skills, time management ability and complimentary knowledge are four essential traits.


Strong people skills

Strong interpersonal skills are the most important asset a real estate agent can have. A real estate agent needs to be confident and be a compassionate communicator. They need to be able to create genuine professional and personal connections with ease. These types of people make the best real estate agents. They are able to establish trusting relationships that last for many years and extend beyond just one transaction. Interpersonal skills also come in handy during negotiation proceedings as good listening skills and the ability observe behavioural traits can help an agent to steer proceedings to an efficient and satisfactory close for both parties.

Strong networking skills

Being relationship-driven is an essential trait of a good real estate agent. Good agents are active in growing and maintaining their contact portfolio – not just because they understand the value of a good contact list, but because they genuinely enjoy people. Successful real estate agents will often list meeting new people, talking with people and cultivating existing relationships as the things they enjoy most about their job because it comes naturally and because they excel at personal interaction. These days professional networking extends beyond the traditional face-to-face interaction. A real estate agent must now network via phone and email, as well as social networking.

Excellent time management and organisational skills

At any point in time, real estate agents will be managing multiple property sales and/or marketing initiatives. This is while dealing with multiple vendors and potential buyers. They must book networking events, open for inspections and appointments with great attention to detail to ensure minimal possibility of forgetting, missing or being late to an appointment. Real estate agents are often work after hours or on weekends. Being able to manage their professional responsibilities harmoniously with family and personal commitments is a very essential skill for longevity as an agent.

Complimentary knowledge, training and skills

Many real estate agents have migrated to property from other professions. They often bring with them skills that enable them to provide a better service and advice to their clients. Excellent marketing ability in particular is a skill that all estate agents require. The ability to identify and maximise a property’s potential by employing the right marketing mix for each different property is essential in order to achieve the best outcome for every vendor. Real estate agents also need to be committed to ongoing professional development as continuous training is required to maintain their licence and keep up to date with all industry developments.

Author: Golan Flamm, Hodges Real Estate Caulfield