Why more people are choosing Residential Golf Estate

Written by view.com.au in Buying on April 8, 2016

Why more people are choosing Residential Golf Estate

In a competitive housing market residential golf estates have taken on a new allure for home buyers. Traditionally the domain of golf-loving retirees, these picturesque golf estates are now very popular with a much wider demographic.

At Pacific Dunes in Port Stephens, there have been an influx of new residents in the last 12 months. This has seen people snapping up more than 200 homes and land packages. This surge in demand is influenced by both lifestyle choices and market factors.

The Port Stephens region offers residents a high standard of living at a reasonable price. The residential market sector here showed significant growth in the last year, with residential zoned land values up 7.86 per cent. An exodus of home buyers and investors, priced out of the nearby Sydney market, is driving those values up.

The average age of the golfing estate home buyers is lower than one might expect. Although the lifestyle that goes along with living on a residential golf estate certainly appeals to retirees, lately there have been more and more young families moving to residential golf estates. Buyers in the 35 to 55 age range tend to be second or even third time home buyers. They often seek to up-size their living quarters and improve their lifestyle.

Here’s a few reasons why home buyers and investors are choosing residential golf estates:

1. Golf At Your Doorstep

The first perk is the obvious one: proximity to the golf course. Most avid golfers pine for more time on the green – more time to master their stroke and more time to soak up the great outdoors. When the nearest golf course is at a significant distance from your home, it’s hard to keep up your motivation and put in the necessary hours to hone your skills. When you live in a residential golf estate, the fairway is basically in your backyard. It’s not uncommon to see the locals zipping around in their golf buggies.

2. Relaxed Yet Active Lifestyle

There’s a certain liveliness that comes with living in a residential golf estate, a general enjoyment of life that is hard to replicate elsewhere. These estates are tranquil stress-free environments where you can enjoy an active yet peaceful quality of life.Physical fitness tends to be a prerequisite for mental well-being – healthy body, happy mind. When you live on an estate, you usually have easy, unlimited access not only to the golf course but also to a range of other healthy and relaxing activities, such as swimming and walking trails. It’s easy to stay active, relaxed, and happy when you have a range of healthy activities and resources at your door.

3. Picture Perfect Landscape

Your environment has a direct impact on your own health. Beautiful environments elicit positive feelings of well-being whereas unpleasant ones tend to have a negative effect. When you live on a residential golf estate, beauty surrounds you. Most of our allotments are elevated, so residents can enjoy gorgeous views of the fairways and surrounds. Like the golf course, these residential estates are beautifully manicured and laid out, striking the perfect balance between natural features and man-made design.

4. Location is Everything

You can usually find residential golf estates in prime locations. They come with easy access to shopping, amenities and a range of vibrant cultural activities. One recent arrival at Pacific Dunes, a young professional couple with kids, explain that their decision to move here was due to the promise of more space and a healthy lifestyle. Mother of three Julie Thomas said, “We want our kids to grow up enjoying a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment – that’s guaranteed here on the estate.”Mrs Thomas cites ‘convenience’ and ‘location’ as factors that influenced her family’s decision to start a new life on a golf estate.

5. The Community Factor

Have you ever lived in a neighbourhood where you didn’t quite feel like you fit in? It’s a common problem – but not for the folks who live on a residential golf estate. When you build a life for yourself in a golf estate, you automatically surround yourself with like minded people. Mrs Thomas explains, “Before moving here, we lived in the city and, although we were surrounded by people, there was no sense of community and connection. Living here, we feel like we are part of something. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming, but at the same time we all value and respect one another’s’ privacy. It’s the perfect balance.”The sense of community and camaraderie in these estates is typically strong. While your home remains your private haven, you always have welcoming friends nearby.

Author: Keith Evans is sales manager at Pacific Dunes Residential Estate. Keith has successfully placed hundreds of Pacific Dunes residents in their dream home on this beautiful coastal estate, surrounded by a championship golf course.