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AUGUST 18, 2021

How to feel like you're sleeping in a luxury hotel bed at home


Have you ever stayed in a hotel suite so luxurious you wished you could take the bed home with you?

Follow these simple and practical tips from Bedsmade founder and CEO Matt Griffin to replicate the look and feel of a luxury hotel bed that will make every night feel like you're on holiday.

Opt for an almost all-white colour palette

Falling into a well-made bed feels more akin to snuggling up to a cloud, especially when the sheets are crisp and classic white. To make your room feel more spacious, white walls and bedding are key. It also acts as a blank canvas to introduce accents of colour for added personality and warmth.

Consider incorporating European pillows, textured throws or rugs to bring timeless pops of colour into the room. Shades like dusty rose, sage green, mustard yellow or earthy tones can be paired with a contrasting colour or left on their own to draw the eye, setting a calming mood to open your mind to relaxation.

Invest in luxury, organic cotton linens 

When investing in linen, it's important to look for a material that is soft and buttery, breathable as it is comfortable, durable and easy to clean. A material like organic cotton is an example of an all-natural, eco-friendly fibre that is going to contribute to an overall better sleeping experience.

Selecting the right thread count when shopping for linen is an important element often overlooked. It can be easy to assume that a higher thread count means a softer fabric, however this isn't always the case. Ideally, you should aim for 400 thread count; this is the equivalent of what most luxury hotels use in their bedding.

Focus on how well your sheets fit

Opt for sheets that have been tailored to your mattress. This allows for a super-close fit no matter the size of your mattress, almost like your sheets were specially made for your bed. A perfect sheet fit effortlessly recreates the luxury hotel experience that leaves you feeling snug all night long without anything coming undone. Inspired by your favourite hotel stays, Bedsmade has been created to do exactly that. Using the measurement of the mattress depth, a unique top sheet can be tailored to your bed so you can stay under some seriously luxurious linen, with no late check-out fee.

Upgrade for ultimate luxury

The foundation of your bed is a comfortable mattress. To take your bedroom to the next level, the answer could be taking the plunge and upgrading to a bigger size - nothing screams luxury more than a king size bed.

Often the piece that also gives a hotel bed that cloud-like feeling, adding a featherbed will lift the comfort and luxury an extra notch. Filled with small feathers, these are placed directly on top of a mattress to provide an extra layer of support.

Make your bed each morning

While you're not responsible for making your bed when you stay at a hotel, you may find that a freshly made bed is an important part of your nighttime experience.

Making your bed in the morning not only sets you up for evening success, but it is the perfect way to accomplish the first task of the day, encouraging you to do more.

By ACM - this article first appeared in The Canberra Times

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