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JULY 22, 2019

The Homeowner Hunt - a guide to checking out display homes

The list of suburbs have been shortlisted, and the deposit saved – leaving only one thing left to do. Checking out the display homes. As any homeowner will tell you, this is the moment where all the pieces start falling into place, with your future now as beautiful as it is tangible. While emotions and excitement are understandably high, it’s still important that you approach these display home viewings with some planning and precision to avoid any missed opportunities and unasked questions. After talking to many happy homeowners over the years, we have compiled a guide of how to approach display homes.

Define your non-negotiables

Every person has at some point walked away with a purchase that they had not set out to make. While this isn’t so significant with trivial purchases, property is not such a scenario. Having clearly defined non-negotiables before you visit display homes in Sydney will keep you on a path to buying the home you need. For many, this will be a minimum number of bedrooms, bathrooms, car spaces, and backyard square footage. This eliminates the risk of being swayed by a stunning pool you may not use, in place of one less bedroom that you absolutely need. If these non-negotiables feel like a harness that only allows you to reach so far, then they are doing what they are supposed to.

Do your research to maximise the immersion 

If only you could bottle that feeling of knowing you have stepped into your next home. From curbside to backyard, it all comes together in a way that just works for you. And so begins the mental hanging of photos and positioning of furniture, all while wandering the halls of a display home. Although not doing your home research may rob you of this feeling, getting you caught up in the metrics that you should have familiarised yourself with before your visit. Commit to doing your display home research before you cross the threshold, so you know the finer details and potential cons, allowing you to spend your visit experiencing the house and not inspecting the brochure. 

Full attendance or no attendance

With a full schedule of display home visits on the cards, there is really no sense in going to one without your partner with you. When you inevitably arrive at that special display home that promises to deliver the future of your dreams, you will both want to be there. Not to mention the hassle of having one party return so the other can see it. It’s also easier for the selling agent to deliver all the key information to you both together, rather than the two of you getting different intel. This might call for some prioritisation, but it will go a long way in giving you both peace of mind that assists you both understanding and appreciating the joint venture

Take notes and photos

No one wants to squeeze two or three display home visits into an afternoon, but that is usually the reality of house hunting. One of the worst things you can do is arrive home and not be sure whether is was home 1 or 3 that you liked, or was it number 2? Take detailed notes, photos and any cues that will prompt you to do a little more research or flag in your memory and device which home you want to visit again or put down an offer. Also capture what your initial thoughts were and overall feeling about the house, which seems straightforward but can sometimes be lost in the logistics and conversation while in the display home. 

Visiting display homes is the most exciting part of the home buying process, second only to the day you hold your keys. To get the best outcome and experience, approach this stage in a measured and planned way. As one of the most important decisions in many people’s lives, treat the occasion as such.

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