When is the best time to clean my windows?

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When it comes to trying to figure out when the best time to wash your window is, it can be quite a funny thing when the answer can seem so straightforward – “Just wash it whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed by your dirty windows!”

Although the answer may seem so obvious, the reality of the situation begs to differ. Truth is, there isn’t a need to clean your windows that often but when you do, you want to make sure you do a good job to maximise the longevity of their cleanliness.

The most effective way to know when to clean your windows is to refer to the seasons throughout the year. And one of the most significant misunderstandings when trying to figure out the best time to clean your windows is to place your faith in sunny seasons only.

Fact is, the only time that isn’t great to clean your windows is in the midst of a storm or in situations where harsh weather conditions resulting in rain and uncontrollable winds become a problem. Not to mention, you’ll definitely need a good clean after such events are over!

Each season has its pros and cons when it comes to cleaning your windows and are as follows.

  • Spring – Often argued to be the best time of year for window cleaning, spring is a popular time of year to get your windows clean due to the accumulation of pollen on your windows and the harsh winter weather leftovers. After all, they certainly don’t call it “spring cleaning” for no reason!If you’re thinking of cleaning your windows this time of year, be sure to pick a day with plenty of cloud cover to avoid leaving any streaky marks on your windows. For breezy weather, be sure to clean in the same direction as the breeze to avoid any spray marks landing on already cleaned panes.
  • Summer – If you’re looking to get a quick job done, summertime proves to be the best as your windows will dry faster, and the chances of rain are significantly reduced. It’s also a good idea to clean your windows in summer due to the pollen built up throughout spring.The only downside to cleaning your windows during summer is the quick evaporation of any cleaning solution applied on your windows meaning you will have to do the job quickly to prevent any streaks being left on your windows.If cleaning your windows yourself, aim to start your clean early in the morning to eliminate any reflection problems a strong summer sun can delude you with.
  • Autumn – Albeit strange to clean your windows in autumn due to the higher chances of rain, it is important to understand that rain is pure and will not leave any residues on your windows due to the absence of minerals, salts, or chemicals.The main benefit of cleaning your windows in autumn is in the temperature as it isn’t too hot to dry your cleaning products too quickly negating the possibility of streaky window panes.
  • Winter – Being one of the most unexpected seasons for a good window clean, cleaning your windows this time of year means that you’ll maximise your time basking in light that shines through when you’re already experiencing those shorter and darker days of winter.

Chances are, your home probably has many windows and with many windows comes many a back-breaking moments just to get your windows looking super squeaky clean! To save yourself the trouble, danger, and back breaking effort, the best way to ensure that your windows stay clean for as long as possible is to hire a professional window cleaning service.

As a general rule of thumb, you should clean your windows once every three months to keep a constant clear view.

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