Property Presentation

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Ultimate Selling Guide

While generating buyer interest in your home is vital, so too your property presentation. The checklist below will help to you to ensure the best property presentation at all open for inspections and auctions.

Open for Inspection Checklist
Clean! Pay special attention to walls, floors and remove any mould from tiling in the bathroom and kitchen.
Open windows and doors to air out the property prior to inspections and then control the temperature during the inspection (heating or air-conditioning) depending on the season.
Remove any items that are cluttering the rooms and ensure everything is put in its place. By doing so you create the illusion of space.
Sweep paths before every inspection and ensure the entrance is clean and tidy.
Wash the windows and any other glass covered surfaces.
Open up as many curtains as possible to allow natural light in.
Buy fresh flowers and display in numerous places to brighten up the place.
Remove your pets from the house