Australian dream builds up steam as real estate market prices fall

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For generations, the great Australian dream has been to own property. This a notion that has not changed – it is a dream that has not yielded under the pressures of rising property prices and falling market values.

It is no secret that real estate market is in a constant state of flux. When it comes to real estate opportunities in Australia, the market has faced a tough few years as of late, with prices falling almost everywhere, with only some markets experiencing mild spikes in recent months.

In short, it is a great time to be a buyer. With too many houses and apartments we have an overstock, and there is not enough demand to fill the properties, so now is the time to grab a bargain – especially for first-time buyers and smart investors.

Real estate is still a lucrative investment

The reality is that despite what has been a quarrelsome few years for Australian real estate, real estate itself is still an incredibly lucrative investment – especially right now. Currently, the housing prices are cheap to buy, but expensive to build. This is generally the nature of the two most of the time regardless, but currently it is a definitively better position to be buying rather than selling or building. Real estate is a great investment if you get in at the right time, which is right now!

To get ahead, check out some of the more active markets in Australia at the moment, or alternatively the top regional spots where you can grab a bargain.

A new generation of determined dreamers

Younger generations are still pining after the Australian dream, using the professional advice and further assistance from real estate companies like Prosper Group to arm themselves with all the relevant and necessary information to help guide them through the process from start to finish. Despite the fluctuating – and somewhat concerning – state of the Australian real estate sector in recent times, the great Australian dream of owning one’s own little slice of Aussie heaven, is well and truly alive.

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