What are your best pool options?

Written by realestateview.com.au in Lifestyle

With the summer heat at its highest, the thought of having a backyard swimming pool to cool some steam and lounge away, is a pressing one.

Thanks to ingenious creations that have resulted in backyard pools coming in all shapes, sizes and styles, it’s easy to find the perfect match for your backyard. Better yet, you can also find one that suits your price range.

Before jumping into the intricacies of design detail, it pays to learn a thing or two about the different categories backyard swimming pools have. This way, you can narrow down your selection based on category, design, and price.


In-ground pools

Just as the name is self-explanatory, in-ground pools are the classic pool at ground level. They look great and have the advantage of lasting a long time.

However, with beauty comes price and in-ground pools can be expensive to purchase with a higher maintenance requirement along with longer installation times compared to other backyard pool options.

Typically made from concrete or fibreglass, concrete in-ground pools are constructed on-site making them extremely durable. On the other hand, fibreglass pools are usually manufactured beforehand and will take less time to install, although they aren’t as resilient as concrete.

The process of building an in-ground pool is highly complex with requirements to rip up your entire backyard to get the job done. Not only will you have to undergo backyard renovations, but the future soil conditions of your yard may also be compromised when installing an in-ground pool.

To build a backyard in-ground pool, you will need to apply for council approval which can take the process (including construction time) anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

Above ground pools

An alternative to in-ground pools, above ground pools, have become increasingly popular due to their versatility. Being cheaper and faster to install when compared to in-ground pools, above ground pools are also quite modular, which gives you the flexibility to resize according to your needs.

You will need to make sure that the site in your backyard is flat and levelled before placing an above ground pool (unless you want a real shallow end on one side and real deep end on the other).

The majority of above ground pools have been designed for easy DIY installation, making it straightforward to put into your home. As above ground pools aren’t fixtures, you can simply take them with you wherever you go.

Most above ground pools are made from steel or resin and often have a vinyl interior. Depending on the model, you may have one that tolerates freshwater or one that does well with chlorinated saltwater. Some above ground pool packages come supplied with everything needed to set up a working pool, from pumps to filters and even ladders and decks.

Portable pools

Those with restricted space in your backyard won’t have to miss out on having a pool thanks to the portable pool. It’s versatile and suitable for most gardens, so long as you have flat ground and access to water.

The range of sizes and shapes make portable pools fantastic for pool parties and for families with kids. Plus, they’re also easy to put away when not in use.

Inflatable pools

If you like the idea of using a pool once in a while, a backyard inflatable pool is your solution. You won’t have to worry about storage nor having a fixed pool in your backyard.

Inflatable pools are often made from durable plastic that can last for a long time. They come with cartridge filter pumps that keep the water clean and safe from bacteria.


Kids’ pools

For those who only want to buy a pool just for the young ones, getting a kids pool is your best option. Specifically made for kids, the design means shallow water that provides enough space for splashing, some paddling, and having a good time.

Some kids pool models are even big enough to cater for the whole family to sit in. It is strongly advised that you supervise your child at all times when in or around a pool, no matter the size.


Backyard pool decisions

Everyone’s needs are different, which means that the best backyard pool option for you is a personal one. Depending on your budget, space, and use of the pool, you will easily fall into one of the pool categories above, bringing you one step closer to a backyard pool decision.