So you’ve been asked to host a Bridal Shower at your home? Make it easy and cool!

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Being asked to host a bridal shower is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because you’ve more than likely been honoured with the Maid of Honour title – or you’re a very important and close family member. It’s a curse because the pressure to put on an amazing day is on, and organising big groups of people is never fun, nor plain sailing. There’s normally a few people who have an opinion on everything. Then there’s everyone’s budgets to think of, or eating preferences etc.

Not all brides want to venture out into the night with pink sashes and rude straws. Some would much rather have something intimate and less raucous. And if that’s the case, the perfect place to have it is at home.

So, if you’ve been asked to host a bridal shower but aren’t sure where to start, here are our top tips for making it as easy, and cool, as possible.

Choose the location

So, the bride has told you that she would like to celebrate at home. But does that mean your home, her home or grannie’s home? The answer to this all comes down to the best fit and who’s willing to open their doors. But realistically, if you’ve only got a studio apartment and there are 40 people on the list, it probably shouldn’t be you.  Ask around the guest list and find out if there’s someone with a larger home that can accommodate the number of guests comfortably – you don’t want to be squashed in.

Choose a date

Traditionally bridal showers can be held anything from 6 months to a week out from the big day. It really depends on the situation and where the wedding is going to be i.e. if everyone invited lives close together, then you can host it as far out from the wedding as you like. However, if there are people travelling from far away then you’ll probably have to host it nearer the time – to coincide with them flying in for the wedding.

Pick a theme

Try to decide on a theme early on as this can carry through from invitation, to build up, to the day. Unless it’s a surprise, you should speak to the bride to find out her must-haves and must-nots. For instance, she may want a high-class champagne brunch, Mad Hatter’s tea or an 80’s dance party. She also may have some definite no no’s which you need to listen to. After all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of a day.


Plan the menu

Don’t be afraid to outsource or ask everyone to bring a plate. If it’s the latter make sure you specify what sort of dish for everyone to bring. Otherwise you may end up with 20 cheese boards. This should run alongside the theme, so if the bride has chosen a champagne brunch, or afternoon tea the food should match it.

Bring everyone together

There are going to be people that know each other really well and people that don’t. And your job as host, is to make sure that everyone feels included and part of the party. Named T-shirts are a great way to do this. By printing everyone a special t-shirt for the day, you’ll get everyone in the mood and ensure that everyone feels like a party of the party.