Eight ways to invite good Fengshui into your home

Written by realestateview.com.au in Lifestyle

Originating in China, Fengshui is the belief in the ways how elements around your home or office should work together to create a living space that will bring ‘good luck’ to your health, career, love and relationships.

If the home you’re living in is not feeling right at the moment, then you can consider some simple changes to invite the positive energy into your home. Hence, may help to improve the current situation or resolve difficulties.

1. Clear obstacles at the front entrance

The front entrance should be free of any obstacles. Leave the front entrance open and inviting. The entrance door should be open inward to absorb, pulling the energy into the house. Also, remove any sharp object decorations pointing into the entrance. Place some pot plants on the side of it to create more fresh green energy.

2. Clean your windows and glass doors

Good Fengshui associated with plenty of natural lighting. The house that is dark and gloomy creates a ‘dead’ atmosphere.  Clean your glass windows and doors to allow natural sun light to shine through. Natural lighting will help remove odours, bacteria and moulds and warms up the house. Regardless of the Fengshui factor, allowing good natural lighting into your home will improve the quality of health for those who live inside.

3. Open the windows

This lets the wind energy to flow through and circulate around the house. An airy place to live once again is great. Wind helps clear odours and eliminates moulds. Inhaling moulds can cause serious health issues as it can inflame and block airways, damaging the lung tissues. Good Fengshui is all about creating a comfortable environment to live in.

4. Have indoor plants

Yes, indoor plants. These are great to create fresh, green energy. Green healthy plants inside your home indicate good Fengshui. If you are a busy person and thinking you have no time to take care of any indoor plants, why not consider some great plant species like the Sansevieria Trifasciata (Mother-In-Laws Tongue or Snake Plant), the Zenzibar plant or Fiddle Leaves. These are great air filter plants, extremely easy to take care of and don’t require regular watering.

5. Increase natural lighting/add sky light

As mentioned above, a home with good lighting will enhance positive energy. If your home happens to lack of windows, consider installing some sky lights. This will not only add natural lighting but also help you save on energy bills in the long run. Sky lights are also excellent features to increase the value of your home.

6. De-clutter your home

A home full of stuff lying around will block the flow of positive energy. Homes should be kept neat and tidy. Remove any unused items. Get the family involved; perform a spring- clean every year to clear junk. Spring clean project does not have to be boring. In fact, it’s a great opportunity for you and the family to communicate and bring back some memories as you’ll be digging through old stuffs which are hidden at the back of the closet or on the bottom of the draws.

Once you determined what you need to let go of, contact the local council to see if you are entitled to get your rubbish removed free of charge. Otherwise hire a skip bin to get rid of the rubbish. Remember, leaving rubbish around the home will not only create an unpleasant site, but also brings negative energy. Hence, adding bad Fengshui to your home.

7. Remove dead trees, dry branches around the house

Dead trees, dry branches and fallen leaves must be removed from your house. Having decaying trees and dead leaves around the home is considered as unlucky because they draw substantial amount of energy away from a home. Also, if the dead tree is large, make sure it is removed from your property to avoid any termite attraction. Garden wastes can also be removed using a skip bin hire for green wastes. Your garden should always be well maintained to boost the good energy surrounding your home.

8. Water features

In Fengshui, water is one of the very important element representing luck and wealth. Adding a water feature at the right place will help attract better work opportunities, accelerate your career and bringing in more monies. However be very careful with water feature placement as the wrong position can have the adverse effect. There are some golden rules to keep in mind when placing a water feature in your home:

  • Don’t place a water fountain at the front entrance with the water flowing away.
  • Never place 2 water features at the front entrance.
  • Don’t have any water feature in your bedroom or under staircase.
  • No water feature in the bathroom either.

Implement these eight simple steps and you are ready to change the Fengshui of your home to invite more of the positive energy. Improvement in health and prosperity is what we are after so why not try it. Good luck everyone.