APRIL 08, 2019

Should you buy your new mattress online without seeing it in person?

We spend about a third of our lives in bed, so buying a mattress is a pretty big deal. Buy a great one, and you’re well on your way to years of comfortable nights ahead. But buy the wrong one, and you’re potentially staring down countless sleepless nights of tossing and turning as you try and get comfortable, or feeling stiff and sore come morning.

While once upon a time, buying a mattress always meant a trip into a store where you could physically test it out, these days, people are just as likely to buy a mattress online, and there are many online companies offering mattresses conveniently delivered straight to your door.

But should you really buy a mattress without seeing it in the flesh first? Before you shop, here are the advantages and disadvantages of heading online to find your next mattress.

Buying a new mattress online: The advantages

It’s usually cheaper

Given online mattress companies usually don’t have to deal with as many overhead costs like hiring salespeople, leasing floor areas and so on, buying a mattress online can save you 25 to 50 percent compared with buying the same quality mattress in a bricks and mortar store. Online mattress companies tend to also throw in a few extra savings such as no sales tax or free delivery and maybe even free returns.

It’s convenient

Without having to leave your home to make a big purchasing decision, shopping online for a mattress is extremely convenient. Buying a mattress online allows you to compare model specifications of different mattresses without having a salesperson watching over your shoulder, and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. You don’t even need to put pants on. It also means you aren’t restricted to physical shop opening hours and have the leisure to shop as early or late as you want.

Easy delivery

As online mattress companies operate a full-service in-home delivery, it is more than likely they will be able to coordinate a convenient time that will suit you with many even offering deliveries on weekends. Some even offer same-day delivery, so you could be resting easier from as soon as tonight.

No pushy salespeople

Hate that feeling of someone hovering over you trying to pressure you into buying something you’re probably going to regret later? Lucky for you, you won’t have to worry about pushy salespeople when shopping online for a new mattress. With detailed specifications and information about each mattress laid out on individual product pages, you’ll have all the information you need to decide whether the mattress is a good match for you. And you won’t just have to rely on what a salesperson says. Shopping online means you can easily find thousands of reviews from real customers for the same product, so you can get a good idea of what others think.

A long trial period

Because you don’t have the opportunity to see the mattress in person before purchasing it, most online mattress companies offer long trial periods that allow you to change your mind about your purchase. With most brick and mortar stores only offering trial periods of 30 days, many online mattress stores offer generous trial periods of at least 100 days.

Free Delivery and maybe returns

Free delivery options are more common when buying a new mattress online. Depending on the online mattress company, you may even land yourself free returns. 


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Buying a new mattress online: The disadvantages

You can’t try before you buy

When you buy online, you generally have to take the risk of the unknown. Some online mattress companies won’t let you try before you buy so you won’t be able to feel the mattress beforehand to get an accurate understanding of quality and comfort, and you’ll often just have to take someone else’s word for it. We’re all unique in what we do and don’t like about mattresses, so heading in-store and testing it out means you know exactly what you’re in for.

You have to do more research

Because you don’t have a pushy but knowledgeable salesperson breathing down your neck telling you which mattress is the best or presenting you with all the options, you’ll have to rely on yourself to do the research and find out which mattress is right for you.

You have to deal with your old mattress

Many in-home delivery services offered by brick and mortar stores often include taking your old mattress away. Unfortunately, some online mattress companies only drop your new mattress by the door and you’re left on your own to deal with your old one.

No extras

One of the joys of shopping in brick and mortar stores is the possibility of hustling some free extras. This isn’t the case for online mattress stores where you will only be entitled to the goods that you purchase and nothing more.

Restricted personal assistance

When you head into a bricks and mortar store, you can almost be guaranteed that there’s going to be an assistant more than willing to help you out and answer any questions. These days, a lot of online mattress companies do offer a handy online chat function, where you can usually chat with someone real-time about their products, but this isn’t always the case. With some companies, you may be restricted to calling a hotline, which could only be available during specific hours.

So should you do it?

When looking to buy a new mattress online, it’s important that you do your homework to find the best mattress for a comfortable sleep. If you do go down the path of buying online, make sure you go with a company that offers at least a 100 day comfort guarantee which will allow you to make a return if you’re not happy with it, a best price promise ensuring that you get the best deal possible, a solid warranty period (some companies do 20 year warranties), free express delivery and free old mattress removal where possible.

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