Importance of rainwater harvesting system in urban real estate projects

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Rainwater harvesting is one of the most efficient ways to save water. This is basically the process of accumulating and storing the rainwater without letting it run-off.

When harvested the correct way, you can use rainwater for many different purposes. And the entire procedure of installing rainwater harvester is quite affordable where steel water tanks are widely used to great advantage. You can look out for steel water tank prices for storing the rainwater.

But why is rainwater harvesting important in urban areas?

1. Reduces flooding – Rainwater Harvesting does help the environment in several ways. As the rainwater would not wash out to the grounds, hence it would reduce the amount of soil erosion around the downspouts or in the garden. This means you will not have to worry about the conditions of your garden post the shower. Also, as water would get collected in a place, hence there will be a reduced chance of flooding around the property.

2. Reduces water bills – With the use of rainwater, you will be able to cut down on your water bills. This means the system is quite efficient in saving your money as well as the conditions of your environment. The collected rainwater can be used for all household chores; it can also be used as a backup in case of any emergency.

3. Reduces the groundwater demand – We all know that the water table throughout the world is going down. This means getting groundwater will very tough in the coming few years. Digging deeper wells might seem to be a solution, but it leads to other environmental problems. With deep wells, the soil can collapse and the process would also be very expensive. Thus, harvesting rainwater seems to be an efficient solution. Storing the rainwater and using it for the future would reduce the pressure on groundwater. Rainwater can be used without any worries in the places where the supply of the groundwater has been depleted.

4. Multifarious uses – You can use rainwater for all the household purposes except for drinking. From washing clothes, dishes to bathing, everything can be done with the help of the stored rainwater. You can also wash your pets or vehicles using this water.

5. Improving plant growth – Big real estate projects usually come with a beautiful garden. It takes a lot of water to maintain the trees and plants in the garden. Instead of using the freshwater or groundwater for this purpose, once can easily use the stored rainwater. The water is free from chlorine and hence it would be safe and healthy for the plants.

In today’s world, most of the urban areas have landlocked topography. Here, water is a very precious resource. We have seen that the multiple countries around the globe are dealing with the water crisis now, so it is important to save non-renewable resources like these. The increasing number of landfills and the decreasing number of water bodies are also contributing to the crisis. In such a situation it is crucial for urban real estate projects to incorporate well-structured rainwater harvesting systems.