How to sleep warmer in the winter

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When it’s cold outside, the feeling of being warm and cosy in your bed is one of life’s simple pleasures. But the feeling of getting into a cold, crisp bed and waiting for it to warm up is not so pleasurable. So how to you warm your bed and keep it warm for a comfortable, perfectly toasty night’s sleep?

1. Choose your sheets carefully

Flannel sheets are the go-to in winter. The brushed cotton fabric holds heat better meaning they aren’t quite as cold and crisp to get in to as they’re un-brushed counterparts. However, flannel may not be your choice of fabric and the good news is there are others out there which have a similar effect. Choose French Linen or sheets with a higher thread count to increase thickness and ultimately warmth.

2. Don’t ignore the matters of the mattress

Surprisingly, the type of mattress you have can play quite a big part in how warm or cool you are. The foam used in memory foam mattresses can help to keep you warm as it reacts to the pressure and heat of your body.

3. Layer up

Whenever you’re trying to stay warm, it’s better to use a layering system than one thick blanket. By layering sheets on top of sheets and blankets on top of quilts, you’ll be able to stay warmer. This is because air gets trapped between each layer, causing added warmth. And the bonus is, you can peel the layers back if you get too hot in order to find your optimum temperature.

4. Pull your socks up

Not only will putting socks on help to keep you warm, it will also help you to sleep – as no one can sleep when their feet are cold. Add in a warm footbath or massage before putting them on and you’ll be asleep before the sheep leave the barn.

5. Double up your duvet

You can either choose to have a summer and winter duvet – so one thick and one thin. Or, choose to double up in the winter for an extra warming effect. If you don’t mind using animal products, the warmest fillers are usually wool or feathers but hollow fiber is also a good choice when you’re trying to avoid the former.

6. Be picky about what your blankets are made of

There are warm blankets and then there are warmer blankets. Materials such as wool or cotton fleece tend to be warmer than synthetic fibers. If you want the very warmest you can find opt for Merino, Cashmere, Alpaca, Yak or Qiviut wool.

7. Get into a warmed-up bed

Use an electric blanket, heated mattress pad or a good old fashioned hot water bottle to warm your bed before you even put your feet in.