Ten daring colours to paint your home

Written by realestateview.com.au in Lifestyle

Sick of your plain, old white walls, but don’t want to conform to the ‘standard’ colour scheme of feature walls either? We feel you. That’s why we have compiled a list of the top ten more daring colours you can paint your home which will make an instant impact and let your real personality shine through.

Painting is a quick, inexpensive way to completely change the feel of your home. The best part is you only need a few buckets of paint, a couple of paintbrushes and a spare weekend to get started!


Calming and soothing, blue channels serenity and peace, which is why it is a great colour for the bedroom. Try this soothing Haymes ‘Blue Velvet’ for a textured finish, and pair with a few gold accent pieces like your lamps for a luxurious feel.


If you are after something a little bit more bold, Haymes ‘Precious’ offers a vintage vibe that can be paired with another strong colour, like the pink ground shown (Haymes ‘Sachet’) or even a bright red. Keep the rest of your larger pieces of furniture neutral though, or you may end up with a home that resembles Play School a bit too closely!


Turquoise may seem like a difficult colour to coordinate with, but get it right, and you will have a room that really pops! Haymes Artisan ‘Real Copper’ and ‘Oxidising Patina’ products used in combination to create a patina effect has a textured element to it, which softens the harshness of the colour and offers some ease when looking for furniture to harmonise with it.



Orange and yellow are both inviting, warm colours that exude happiness and joy. While probably not ideal for the bedroom, orange and yellow are great colour palettes to consider for your entryway, or try a bolder yellow as a way to brighten up your kitchen! Haymes Artisan Mortar in colour ‘Rich Clay’ is more of a mustard colour and can work perfectly as a feature wall with pops of green.


Still within the ‘warm’ colour palette is Haymes ‘Comanche Dust’. It evokes an almost rustic atmosphere, without having to install the barn doors and bring in the pallet furniture!



Nurturing, feminine and tranquil, pink is the colour of sensitivity. A bubble-gum pink like Haymes ‘Streamwood’ is perfect for a child’s bedroom, or even for your living room that’s crying out for a rosy spring makeover!


Feeling a bit more elegant? Haymes ‘Rubicon’ is a deeper pink that offers a touch of class, and can easily be paired with dark blue or gold accents.



Green is the colour of health and growth – as inspired by mother nature herself. While it can seem a little daring, with the right shade you can create the perfect secure and peaceful space. Try Haymes ‘Pond Moss’ in your living room, and pair with other natural materials like wood or stone.


Just like Haymes bubble-gum ‘Streamwood’, a milder colour like Haymes ‘Spearmint’ is also a perfect shade of green for a child’s room.


Grey is the ‘compromise colour’, and finding the perfect shade can be a challenge. Go too dark, and you may find your space a little gloomy. Go for a shade that has excessive cool undertones, and you lose the cosiness of your home. Try Haymes Artisan ‘Industrial Grey’ for a designer finish that is sure to impress!