Feng shui your new home on moving day

Written by Caitlin Costello in Moving House on December 28, 2016

Feng shui your new home on moving day

Moving house is a stressful time, but it is also a time for new beginnings. If you want your house to stay zen, it is important to start in the right way. Give your new home the best possible beginning by bringing feng shui into your moving process.

Here’s how.

Moving day

It is said that moving day symbolises the start of a new cycle, and that the actions taken on this day will have major implications on all the days to come in the new abode.

Emotions in check

The first and most important rule is that moving day is for family members only, not for guests. On this day, avoid negativity: don’t fight, argue, scold children or cry, as this introduces negativity and unrest into the home.

Turn it on

Turn on the power, water and gas before you enter the home to symbolise its fruitfulness and preparedness. Your new home is perfect and ready to bear its tenants.

Out with the old

Do not sweep old troubles, so to speak, into your new home. Dispose of old mops and brooms to start anew.

Less is more

A key element of good feng shui is that everything has a purpose. Go through the decluttering phase before you unpack into the new rooms. Keep only what is truly necessary.

Feng shui: room by room

Set up each room so that it has optimum feng shui.

Front door

The front door is the vehicle through which all the good energy, or ‘Chi’, can flow into your house – so be sure to have a good strong one. Make sure there is a clear flow to and from the front door, and that it is not obstructed by rubbish bins, overflowing plants or shoes.


The bedroom is associated with fortune and happiness, so it is the next natural progression from the front door. Set up your beds with linen in a specific order: sheets, quilt, then pillows, and be sure that the bed is positioned so that it can be easily accessed from both sides. Allow plenty of natural light and an abundance of fresh air into the room for a good energy flow. The sooner your bedroom is in order, the better the feng shui of the home.


The kitchen is the heart of the home, and an important aspect of its overall feng shui. As soon as you move in, bring life into your kitchen by boiling water, introducing fresh herbs and colourful fruits. Take energetic ownership of the kitchen and it will travel throughout the home.

Living room

The living room, like the kitchen, will experience heavy traffic over the years of the home’s life, and so it should be treated with similar reverence. A good feng shui living room will have at least two walls that connect directly to outside. The room should be large and spacious enough to accommodate all members of the family comfortably. Position your furniture in a natural arrangement that fits against the walls – avoid ‘floating’ furniture, or furniture that is in the centre of the room with no apparent purpose. Bring plants into the room to add to the positive energy.

Bring everlasting zen into your new home with simple feng shui. And make it your own with personal touches and decorative items – just be careful not to overdo it. Remember minimal is key.