Throwing the best housewarming party

Written by in Moving House on July 10, 2016

Throwing the best housewarming party

Once you have moved into your new pad, first things first. Throw the best house warming party anyone has ever seen! Everyone gets exciting about showing off their new place to family and friends, and what better way to do that but a little get together. Putting in a bit of extra effort can be just what you need for a really great night. Unpacking the boxes can wait.

Although, sometimes the best housewarming shenanigans happens on the day of the big move when you order pizza and have a few drinks with the people you roped into helping you. But there’s no reason why you can’t have two housewarmings.

Here are some tips on how to throw the perfect housewarming party.


Most people have had to plan and host parties before, but you may not have planned a housewarming. You basically need to plan everything the same way that you would plan any other type of party but with one major difference: don’t underestimate how long it will take you to unpack.

Unless you want all your guests sitting on unopened boxes instead of chairs, you need to plan your housewarming far enough in advance that you can comfortably unpack everything and get settled in.

Apart from that, the usual things you need to plan are the guest list, what food you’ll serve, and what drinks you’ll have on offer. These will all depend on how many people can fit in your new place, and the size of your budget. Simple finger foods and BYO drinks are good options for housewarmings on a tight budget.

Do you want a theme?

This is something you should probably decide on during the planning stages, especially if coming in costume will be mandatory for your guests (and it should be). Nobody wants to find a costume at short notice, and half-baked costumes will make for a lame party.

Bonus points if you can match the costume theme with your house. If you’ve moved into a beautiful Art Deco house, then a roaring twenties theme would be perfect. If it’s Victorian era architecture, then you could decorate your home to look like it’s haunted and have your guests dress in spooky costumes.

Another easy way to choose a theme for your housewarming is to match the decade your house was built in with the musical era of that time (but please don’t subject your guests to any Michael Bolton).


If you are going with a themed party, clearly the obviously choice is to decorate your home to match the theme. But even if you’re not having a themed housewarming, you should think about how you want to decorate your home. This will be your first chance to show off your new home, after all, so you’ll want it to look great.

The kind of decorations you’ll want will depend on the style of your house and your personal tastes. You can add some easy decorative touches by picking up a few bunches of flowers and lighting some candles. You probably won’t need to do too much to give your house a bit of an aesthetic boost.

If your friends tend to get a bit rowdy after a few beverages, you may want to hide anything that’s particularly valuable or fragile. Don’t let a party foul ruin your night.

On the day

The most important thing you need to do on the day of the party is to have fun. Don’t stress too much if not everything is perfect.

You should also remember your hosting duties during the party. Offer your guests a drink when they arrive or direct them to where they put their own drinks if it’s BYO, and direct them to the food. And don’t forget to introduce people who haven’t met before.

Remember to show your guests around the new place, that’s what they’re there for, after all. It probably makes more sense to wait until everyone has arrived or show people around in small groups rather than taking all of your guests on individual tours as they arrive.

And finally: cleaning up can wait until tomorrow (or next week).

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