Moving made easy

Written by in Moving House on December 8, 2016

Moving made easy

Moving house is said to be one of the most stressful things we can go through, but with a bit of forward planning you can take the burden off and enjoy a much more pleasant transition.

Plan ahead

The key to making any situation less stressful is to plan ahead. Work out what you need to do leading up to the move and on the day itself. From simple things like making sure you’ve got enough boxes to organising the utilities that need to be installed at the other end, moving home is not one task but a series of small tasks that can be accomplished a lot more easily if you give yourself extra time.

Take time off work

With so much to plan and organise, it’s important that you give your move the time and attention it deserves. Taking a few days off work will help you get your old home in order and give you time to attend to your new property. It may seem like a waste of precious vacation days, but with so many expenses involved in moving home, you may find it hard to afford a holiday in the near future.

Pack early

While there are certain essentials that you’ll need right up to your moving day, you can pack most of your belongings early. Have a look in your garage and shed for things that can quickly be sorted into boxes, and think about getting started on excess items in your kitchen and wardrobes.

This is also an ideal time to get rid of things that you’ve been keeping ‘just in case’. Trim down your shoe collection, empty out the back of the cupboards and take a trip to your local op shop. Not only are you doing your bit to help others, you’re also trimming down on your unpacking duties at the other end.

Research the new area

Children often feel the effects of a move the most. This can be because they’re unsure of what’s happening and worried about what the new area’s going to be like. Make a list of a few things to see and do near your new home, and you and your partner can take breaks to show them some of the highlights. Finding good takeaways is also important for your first night or two, while you’re settling in.

Be sure to speak to any neighbours you see during your move, as this can help you integrate into the community and find out about some of the local secrets more easily.

Sort out the other end

It’s a lot easier to make changes at the other end before you move everything in. The most basic thing you’ll want to do is give your new home a thorough clean, although you should also consider other necessary changes, such as putting in more wall sockets. If you can arrange this for  a day or two before you move in, that can mean a lot less disruption.

Other things to consider are installing internet, connecting electricity and gas and changing your address at work, with banks and any other companies that regularly send you post.

Create a box of vitals

Often during a move, you may pack away small things that are hard to recover at the other end. To make the first days easier, make sure you have a box of the important things that you’ll need straight away. This can include everything required for a comfy first night, essential bathroom amenities and home comforts like favourite toys, a tea set and a way to play music.

Hire help

There’s no shame in not doing everything yourself. Whether you need help packing your home, moving boxes and furniture or tidying up after you’ve gone, there are people out there to help. Each person you bring in not only reduces your workload, but also helps to speed up the process, so you can focus on enjoying your new home.

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