Top 10 IKEA buys on a budget

Written by in Moving House on October 8, 2017

Top 10 IKEA buys on a budget

“Don’t eat the $1 Hotdog, whatever you do. Also, don’t get lost. Welcome to IKEA!”

“How can you get lost, they have arrows?”

“Trust me.”

Deep within that designer jungle of things you will never need but will probably buy nevertheless, there are still some great pieces to pick up and for a reasonable sum. A good tip is to avoid buying the cheap decorating items always shouting out at you as you walk through the store. They are not who you are, they are mass made. Instead, look at the bigger items that offer storage solutions, and cheap and innovative objects that can free up space for you to display those things that really reflect your personality.

Here are our Top 10 IKEA items to buy, ranging across most rooms of the home.

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1. KALLAX Shelving Unit ($95-$225)

Diversity reigns in the simple and adaptable KALLAX range. While one of the most popular bookshelf units, the Billy range, is a great option for booklovers, the KALLAX does the same job as well as being a simple and impressive storage solution. With optional shelf dividers, drawers and baskets of various textures and inserts with doors, there is plenty of opportunity to make this your own. Use as a room divider or shelving unit in many rooms of the home.


2. BJURSTA Extendable Table ($119/$199)

A smart solution when space is a concern, choose from a 4 or 6-seater table, both at a budget price. The best thing about these tables are that you don’t have to sacrifice on solidity for price. There is nothing worse than a table that rocks.


3. OUMBÄRLIG cookware set ($69)

The perfect share house solution. These are cost-conscious pans and pots but are stainless steel and easy to clean.


4. IKEA PS GULLHOLMEN Rocking Char ($149)

A great solution for that extra seat in the living room, and one that looks as fun as it is to sit in, the GULLHOLMEN rocking chair is perhaps a bit of a splurge item but the soft feel of the banana fibres will make this one of your favourite items in the home. Great for outdoors or inside, be aware that cats will love to scratch this chair.


5. STOCKHOLM TV bench ($499)

The most expensive item on the list, yes, but well worth it. Avoid a collection of cords scattered around the floor by putting your media inside and above this stylish storage piece that can be placed either flush against a wall or as a divider.


6. ALGOT Dresser Frame ($94)

If you are lacking a walk-in-robe, this dresser frame, and similar items within the ALGOT range, are worthwhile and cheap solutions. The greatest benefit to these often freestanding pieces of furniture is that without being a closed-in item, their transparency helps create a feeling of space within a room, while displaying your clothes so that you a more likely to wear all the clothes in front of you.


7. BRIMNES Headboad ($150)

A headboard isn’t a vital piece of furniture but it is a great alternative to investing over a thousand dollars on a bedframe. The greatest advantage to this BRIMNES Headboard is the storage built into its design, allowing you to get rid of your nightstand to create more space in your room. Note: if you are a renter and don’t want to fix this piece to a wall, buy two table legs from IKEA (preferably wood so you can saw them to size) and screw them into the bottom of the headboard.


8. LÄBORG Rug ($25)

A great and cheap rug to soften up wood or concrete flooring, or to inject some difference into a room.


9. HYLLIS Shelving Unit. ($10)

Great for outdoors or to give a rustic look to your kitchen pantry or elsewhere inside the house. At only $10, these may not be of the highest quality, and do need to be fixed to a wall.


10. FINTORP Rail ($10)

Another $10 item, but this will not fail you. Perfect in the kitchen or bathroom, use with any hook or the FINTORP range of hooks to hang those items you use most often when cooking. These can also be used to hang other items in the home, such as art, towels, potted plants, as a coat rack, or with pots and buckets as a storage solution.