10 weekend renovation ideas

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Feeling a little angst about your home at the moment, but not willing to go the whole hog and build a second level? Small weekend renovations can go a long way in not only improving the way your home looks and how you enjoy it, but can help you both sell your home more quickly and achieve a higher price. If you are thinking about selling in the next year, why not set aside some time that you can spend on these 10 weekend renovation ideas.

1. The number one weekend renovation idea of all time

It’s probably the first one that came to your mind: a fresh lick of paint. This can turn into a job that spans a number of weekends, however, so make sure you take plenty of time to do it if you want to achieve a quality result and do it in time for the sale of a your property. Nothing can beat a professional, but painting your home DIY can save you considerable expense.



Not only can you drastically change the colour scheme of your home, or simply give it a refresh, but you can start to incorporate different textures on your walls. The obvious texture shift would be through wallpaper, but consider taking the time to look into bigger changes as far as feature walls are concerned.


A completed timber feature on a wall

Timber, stone or metal lattice-work or room divides can be incorporated into your home design as a fantastic weekend renovation, completely changing the look and feel of your home interior. Use it sparingly to suggest height in your walls or direct visitors’ gaze towards either the garden or other features in your home.


2. Natural light renovations

Find ways to introduce more natural light into your home. These can be great weekend renovation projects, and add value to your home, as it is a clear indicator of the ‘experiential’ quality of a home: whether or not the home is a pleasant environment during the day and how the light will change in the home during different hours of the day.

Consider extending the size of your windows. Don’t underestimate the scale of such a job, as you need to check that you don’t undermine the structural integrity or walls or cut any electrical wires (and so cut your connection to this world through a very quick shock). 

One of the best areas for this is in the kitchen, as this is a utility space that benefits from design features that make it a pleasurable place to be in the home. Renovations to kitchens and bathrooms are also the go-to location in a home to add quick value to your home.

A large kitchen window overlooking a green garden

Consider other ways to cheaply and quickly incorporate natural light into your home, such as knocking down walls (yikes!) and introducing sliding, latticed walls, as well as introducing skylights and solar tubes.



3. New flooring

New timber, stone or carpeted flooring is a great weekend renovation project and can be done relatively cheaply. There are a number of affordable timber flooring options that are made for the DIY renovator, or you can really do your research and invest in higher quality flooring – it depends how far down the rabbit hole you want to go!

Consider doing a test run in one room to see how you enjoy walking on the new flooring, how its condition fairs from use, and to give you enough time to see whether there is something else that suits your tastes more.

4. Kitchen benches

You don’t have to necessarily replace your entire kitchen to make it look like it has had a total overhaul. A kitchen refit can take at least four weeks, but if you give your cupboards a new lick of paint, new handles and you invest time in having a custom-made benchtop fitted to your existing kitchen, you can easily and quickly add value to your home and drastically improve the enjoyment you get out of cooking the evening meal.


5. Landscaping

It may take a number of weekends to achieve a completed landscaping project, but who said this was a one-weekend article. Depending on the state of your garden, you may consider starting from scratch and ripping up everything. If you go down this route, it may be worth engaging a landscape designer who can give you great advice about the possibilities within your budget, as well as (and perhaps more importantly) a landscape gardener, who can tell you what plants will work best in your soil conditions, climate and according to how much effort you want to put into its maintenance.

6. Wall-length shelving

As long as it doesn’t turn you into a hoarder, wall-length shelving may help you structure the display of your prized possessions and can be a great way to get creative with your designs. Shelving is an increasingly popular way both homeowners and renters can inject colour, texture and different shapes into their home design.


7. Lighting design

There are three types of lighting in your home: ambient, specified, and accented. In a nutshell, ambient lighting is that which impacts the warmth and impression of a room, either emphasising a minamilist aesthetic through sharper, geometric lighting or offsetting this through more diffused, yellow lighting. Specified or utility lighting is that around functional areas of the home such as the kitchen and bathroom. Accented is that which points to certain architectural aspects of the home as well as design features and artwork. Sometimes these can be mixed (such as floor lighting up stairwells, both serving a function but also adding to the experiential quality of the stairs.)


While you shouldn’t go playing around with your electricity, designing your lighting to be specific to what you want to feature in your home and how you want to experience your home can be an affordable (if you do your research) and achievable weekend renovation project.

8. Exterior repairs and painting

As long as you do it safely, repairs to your gutters, other exterior features of your home and painting can be a great DIY project. If you are selling your home then this needs to be on your list of things to do if you want to achieve the highest possible price for the best use of your time and money.

9. New window glass

Not many DIY wannabees consider the condition of their glass, whether they be in the windows or doors. This can be a dangerous job if you don’t do your research, but if you do know what you are doing, then installing higher quality glass, especially in your doors, can be a great way to block out sound as well as keep the heat in during winter and the heat out during summer.

10. Bench seating

A great DIY project for the weekends is to construct wall-to-wall bench seating for anywhere in the home, but especially in the living room. Play with different heights to create a new way to experience your seating, and invest in some good quality, comfy cushions. The benefit of this, beyond giving you a weekend renovation project, is that it adds more storage space to your home (meaning you can get rid of it elsewhere in the house) and add more seating for when you entertain. Design and build the bench seating in pods, so that you can add and shift the pods around to change how you use them.

A bench in the living room with cushions on top