2018 renovation trends

Written by Douglas Ross in Renovating

A warehouse in the middle of being renovated, with three windows and a broom in the middle, for an article about 2018 renovation trends.

Thinking of turning your hand to a cosmetic remodel of the bathroom, or perhaps an intense no-sleep-for-five-weeks renovation of your kitchen? 2018 renovation trends are all about the rejection of previous trends. A ubiquitous look for so many homes in the previous years is causing many designers and home renovators to bring more of their own personality and taste into their designs.

But there are some classic looks that will continue to provide a solid base from which designs continue to branch out.

According to Matt Blatt’s in-house stylist Judyta Hulme, in 2018 we’ll be seeing plenty of metallic and marble, but in a series of fresh shades.

“While rose gold has been having its time in the spotlight in recent years, in 2018 we’ll be loving bronze, polished nickel and industrial silver, with marble making a comeback in new brown and green hues rather than the traditional greys we’ve been used to,” explained Judyta.

Cosy comfort will also be key during the cooler months, with rugs not only layered underfoot but hanging from walls – either as bedheads or in living spaces – as an alternative form of art. “We’ll see a surge in the popularity of super plush and comfortable sofas in fabrics such as velvet or lived-in leather rather than more formal, rigid styles.”

On the accessories front, Judyta predicts plenty of greenery, including artificial plants indoors, as well as ornaments and vases in materials such as brass, glass, terrazzo and suede.

What are the renovation trends for this year by room?

Kitchen trends

Multi-use rooms. 2018 continues a trend seen last year in the blurring of lines between the kitchen and other living spaces. This is a design principle that comes about as a result of a changing view towards the kitchen and the way in which we use our spaces. Kitchens have always been the hub of a home, and so we are seeing more furniture pieces and design choices that incorporate other high-use areas into its borders (i.e. the living room, dining room and outside areas). A more innovative use of windows and sliding glass walls bring in the outside and entertaining areas, while kitchen islands are either becoming larger (encouraging their use by the family during meal times) or incorporating dining tables and benches into their design.

It’s all about that flow. Layout design continues to dominate innovations in the kitchen for 2018. The way in which a family or a homeowner uses a kitchen increasingly dictates how designers structure a kitchen. Greater concern for the small things is also becoming more popular. For instance, is there bench space near the fridge for unpacking items or what sort of storage does the user need? Less consideration is being made for future users of a kitchen as the current user is given priority.

Colour blocking rules. A growing trend in 2017, which is continuing in 2018, is the use of colour blocking. Darker blues, greens and charcoal, often blocked with one another or with shades of white are being used to great effect with matte textures, such as brass.

Greater diversity in design. 2018 heralds a bit of a backlash against ubiquitous design trends seen in previous years (i.e. Scandinavian, ultra minimalist) in place for what works for the individual, both in terms of their taste and in how they use a kitchen. This will spawn an increase in bolder displays of designs, floral and brighter splashbacks, bold tiling and more confident blurring of styles in pursuit of the idiosyncratic rather than the norm. 2018 will be a bit like your aunt who doesn’t care what anyone says, she is wearing red whether people like it or not.

The sink is where it’s at. Designers and renovators alike are recognizing just how great it is to have a large single sink, as well as a slinky tap for those entertainers out there.

Bathroom trends

Deeper colours. 2018 bathroom trends are digging in and being a little bolder with trends seen in the past two years. A bolder use of deep colours in the bathroom, such as greens and blues, are increasingly popular and often reflect palettes and textures used in other areas of the home, especially the kitchen.


New tech. Ceiling showers are a popular choice in 2018 as the bathroom continues to be renovated into a luxury escape within the home. With self-cleaning technologies reducing upkeep, ceiling showers and other technologies within the bathroom help to create that holiday feeling.

Bespoke sinks. With the increase in property staging’s influence on design, common trends have caused a rejection of the sorts of fittings seen all-too-often. This has led to more renovators taking the time to source pieces that they love, such as freestanding bowls (timber, metals, ceramics).

Large bathroom tiling. Tiling helps to create geometry and delineation within the room, guiding the eye towards certain aspects of the bathroom. 2018 will see more use of large bathroom tiling, as they require less maintenance.

Timber never gets old. Search previous years of trends and every one will say timber is in. That’s for good reason and there will be no exemptions here. Timber is timeless and that is why it continues to feature in so many home designs.

Bedroom trends

Less is more. While greenery will continue to dominate bedroom renovations, 2018 should see greater use of single large plants and small potted trees as a feature of a room. This is coupled with fewer distracting features in a room as people become increasingly aware of how technology and mess influences their sleep patterns.

Bed partitions. The idea of the bathroom as the luxury retreat bleeds into bedroom renovations, or for use as a walk-through robe. This adds a circular nature to the flow in a bedroom.

Softened palettes. Colour palettes will continue in a similar vein as the rest of the house, but in the bedroom these blues, greens and greys, or other earthy colours such as sienna, will be more subdued to foster a sense of calm within the room.


Living Room trends

The biggest thing to see in the living room in 2018 will be an inclusion of select pieces that reflect a homeowner’s taste, supported by a rougher, geometric and simple background that often speaks to Japanese design principles. Vertical timber latticework, concrete, wallpaper and soft features in the basic components of the room help to cushion antique or custom-made ornaments, artwork and furniture.

As Matt Blatt’s in-house stylist Judyta Hulme said, soft textures will abound come winter, with the inclusion of textiles as decorations on walls and as softening ornaments.