4 smart interior design ideas that define innovation

Written by view.com.au in Renovating on February 17, 2017

4 smart interior design ideas that define innovation

Interior design trends have changed considerably over the years. The emergence of new building techniques and styles has prompted spectacular design solutions, ideas and improvements. These four design and decor innovations have raised the bar for interior design.

  1. Smoke & Mirrors

Most of us think that mirrors are just there, in the home, to show us our reflections. But switched-on interior designers know that mirrors can do so much more. Most importantly, mirrors catch and reflect light to create the impression of more space. Knowing this, it might be tempting to install floor-to-ceiling mirrors in every room of your home. But big mirrors can be expensive, so they should be used sparingly and wisely.

An expert designer can assess the natural lighting in the space and determine the best placement for mirrors. If wisely installed, the mirror should ‘open up’ the room and create a sense of more space. A savvy designer on a tight budget can create a ‘mirror gallery’ with some discounted thrift store mirrors. The gallery theme should compliment the general look of the space. If wall space is abundant, for example, you can hang an eclectic mixture of mirrors on the walls. For more compact spaces, paint the various mirror frames one colour, to give them a contemporary look and feel.

  1. Space-saving loft beds

Countless new housing developments and compact condos have been built in Australia in the last decade. In that time, clever interior designers have introduced a range of crafty space-saving measures. Among them, the popular loft bed is a hands-down winner.

The loft bed concept first found favour among designers working with lofty industrial spaces. When you’re working with super high ceilings and open-plan living, the idea makes perfect sense. But the loft bed is now a common space-saving solution – even when vertical space is limited. By building in loft bed structures, designers can utilise the space under the loft bed for storage or office space.

  1. Create the illusion of high ceilings

Not all rooms or properties are blessed with the luxury of high ceilings. But smart interior designers have several techniques for making average-height ceilings seem loftier than they really are.

For starters, low-profile furniture is a great trick. It occupies less physical space and makes the distance between the ceiling and the furnishings seem much greater. If you combine low-profile furniture with highly hung curtains, your ceiling will seem much higher than it is. When curtains extend past the top of the window frame to the ceiling, they ‘stretch’ the height of the walls.

  1. Wall-to-wall storage

Modern developments often have limited floor space. New homes rarely have the massive pantries, linen closets and walk-in robes of older properties. But although our built-in storage capacity is shrinking, we still need space to stash our worldly possessions. So smart interior designers have come up with some crafty solutions.

The answer to the ever-growing storage conundrum is right there in front of us – on the walls. The modern designer can convert otherwise barren wall surfaces into nifty, good-looking storage spaces. Wall-mounted shelving is very popular, and bookcases can be built into alcoves and under staircases.

The art and craft of interior design continues to evolve and impress. As witnessed here, innovative designers use various methods to create the illusion of space and improve Feng Shui. The four design tactics outlined here can help you open your mind and open up your living quarters. Do you have any nifty interior design tricks up your sleeve? Share your insights and innovations in the comments section below.

Author – Dave is the Managing Director and Founder of the DJW Property, an award winning real estate agency, achieving great success as the market leaders in the exclusive suburb of real estate in Sylvania Waters. He is a leading real estate agent in Sydney for approx. 20 years and dealing with various properties for sale in Sylvania Waters. Dave with his in-depth knowledge continually strives to achieve the perfect property transaction for his clients.