5 questions to ask yourself before you demolish

Written by view.com.au in Renovating on August 12, 2016

5 questions to ask yourself before you demolish

Knocking down and rebuilding may seem like a complicated and expensive process. Although, with some research, preparation, and the assistance of the right builder, it could be the perfect alternative to renovating your home or buying a new one.  Here are six questions you should ask before you decide to demolish and build your new home.

1. Is a demolish and rebuild project the best option for me?

If you would like to live in a different larger or smaller home, a more modern home or one with a different design, you may be considering doing extensive renovations or moving into an entirely new home. But, demolishing and rebuilding gives you the opportunity to build a brand new home with the latest styles and technology, without the hassle of having to move to and settle into a new neighbourhood. This type of project can often be the more affordable option, as builders usually charge lower rates than home renovation companies. You also won’t have to factor in the costs of buying a new block of land.

2. How long will the building process take?

Each builder works at a different pace, but it is important that your chosen builder provides a detailed outline of the construction process. This schedule shouldn’t only include a start and finish date, but should also outline other deadlines for various steps in the building process, such as final design approval, demolition dates, permits and even small construction details such as when tiling or landscaping will take place. A detailed timeframe will enable you stay involved and on top of the developments.

3. What are all the costs and fees involved in rebuilding?

Other than the major costs of designer and builder’s fees, and demolition and materials, there will probably be smaller or unexpected costs, such as permit fees, tree protection or water consumption, which you should be aware of and plan for in advance. Your builder should be transparent about these costs and openly communicate any possible extras before the construction starts.

4. What permits do I need and who will be handling it?

As with any other building project, there will be a list of paperwork to complete before the building process can commence.  Ask your builder for a detailed list of all the necessary permits and who will be responsible for arranging and paying for it. Also check which services need to be disconnected, and when and whether you or the builder will arrange this. This includes the water, telephone, power and gas services.

5. What is staying and what is going?

You don’t have to clear your entire block just because you are demolishing your home. There will probably be a few things which you would prefer to keep. Clearly stipulate to your builder if you want to keep anything. This can range from bushes, pools, sheds or building materials to reuse or sell. Also discuss the measures they will be taking to ensure that these items stay protected and intact throughout the process.

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