7 Inspiring home design and decorating trends to embrace in 2019

Written by view.com.au in Buying

Whether you’re shopping for real estate, trying to sell a home or seeking to rent out a property you own, it’s helpful to have an understanding of the latest home design and decorating trends. An awareness of the trends can help you to choose the right furnishings and avoid major interior design mistakes, no matter which of the above scenarios best applies to your situation. If you’re thinking of making some upgrades to your property, be sure to take the following 7 home design and decorating trends into consideration before you make any improvements:

1. L-Shaped Kitchens

The L-shaped kitchen is one of the most inspiring and versatile home design trends for 2019. This layout is suitable for use with every type of kitchen design style, whether you’re decorating in a modern theme, a contemporary theme or a more traditional one.

This layout gives you the ideal backdrop for the trendiest new kitchen appliances such as column-style refrigerators and statement ovens. It’s also a good choice to work with if your budget doesn’t allow for brand new appliances. This is because you can place a statement piece, perhaps eye-catching artwork or dramatic cafe curtains, in the focal point of the “L” shape; then camouflage your outdated appliances in the less obvious spots in the layout.

2. Terrazzo

Terrazzo flooring and other terrazzo home accents have been picking up steam as a home design trend in the past. Don’t yawn. While you might remember terrazzo as being quite a boring surface, you’re likely to be impressed at the latest incarnations of this material. Right now, the au courant twist on this classic fabrication is coloured terrazzo featuring unique inclusions that resemble mosaic. You can make quite an artistic statement in your home using terrazzo flooring, sculptures and other accents.


3. Timber Flooring

Perhaps it’s silly to include timber flooring on a list of top home design trends, because of course, timber flooring really transcends trends as an eternal classic. Yet, right now, it wouldn’t be a mistake to say that timber flooring is trendy.

If you aren’t sure which timber to install, think of the mood and ambiance you’re aiming for in the room. Walnut is on-trend right now. It provides an air of stately, old-world elegance that is sure to delight fans of both traditional and modern decorating schemes.  Light-coloured oak woods are perennial favourites in Australian homes. Wenge is another popular choice of woods for flooring in 2019.


4. Sustainable Furnishings

Australians are quite concerned with the impact their furnishings have on both the environment and their own health. Many are shunning “disposable” furnishings in favour of more sustainable designs.

One key to this is choosing furnishings made from natural materials that will eventually biodegrade once the piece’s functional lifespan has ended. Wool rugs and textiles are preferable to synthetics, as it can be a challenge to recycle synthetics in Australia once they’ve outlived their usefulness. In contrast, wool readily biodegrades. Organic cotton is another choice that is becoming trendier as awareness of sustainability issues grows.

Water efficiency is a top-priority concern for those who are choosing new appliances or fixtures in the kitchen, laundry room and bathroom. Water efficient appliances are not only more environmentally friendly; they’re also more cost effective when it comes time to pay the water bills.

In the bedroom, increasing numbers of consumers are starting to research their options for safe and healthy, environmentally friendly beds, bedding and other furniture. They’re turning to certifying bodies such as OEKO-Tex for reassurance that the bedding materials they’re buying are free of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals. In the nursery, parents are seeking out baby cots featuring safe, sustainable mattresses that are free of toxins.

5. Living Coral Colour Accents

The global colour experts at Pantone have declared that their colour of the year for 2019 is “Living Coral”, a splendid, nuanced hue that’s not quite pink and not quite orange.

For most rooms of the home, this is a colour that would be best used as an accent. If the colour really strikes your fancy, however, it could be a workable main colour in a bedroom or perhaps even a powder room.

6. House Plants

While house plants are classic home design elements that never really go out of fashion, right now they are enjoying a moment of exceptional popularity. They can add a refreshing variety of appealing shapes and textures to your interior décor. They can be both aesthetically pleasing and functional design elements. Some plant varieties, in addition to being beautiful, are well-known for being useful at improving the indoor air quality. Others, such as culinary and medicinal herbs, can be cultivated for both décor and consumption.

7. Furniture Featuring Curves and Arches

Boxy, blocky furniture has been a thing for more than a decade – but that look is now waning in popularity. Gracefully curved furniture is the new up-and-coming look to be aware of. Sofas, love seats, chairs, desks and beds are all examples of the latest types of pieces that prominently showcase curvilinear design elements.