Autumn-styling for your home: quick updates for the colder months

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autumn home design

Are the leaves start to fall but it’s still warm enough outside to kid you that the upcoming winter might be just a figment of your imagination? Many people fall on one side of the fence – those who love the cosy winter or those who love the balmy summer nights, but there are also those who like the two seasons sitting either side of those extremes. Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons and is often a time where we make large changes in our life. The same can be said for your home design. Here are a few quick and easy autumn home design tips you can take on to freshen up your approach to the colder months.

Timber neutrals and autumn browns

One of the best ways to incorporate the best of autumn and eventually winter into your home design is to find ways to use timber.

You may head down the more involved route of placing down temporary timber flooring or ceiling coverage, which you can easily replace in hotter months with brighter palettes and textures, or you can invest in less permanent timber inclusions, such as Venetian blinds, furniture, artwork, etc.

As you search out timber solutions for preparing for autumn, you may find things that will work to both warm your home in the colder months as well as add texture and a juxtaposing palette in the hotter months once you have cleared rooms of heavier design features.


Warm textures and palettes

Temporary wallpapers, throws, cushions, furniture coverings, artwork and decorations can all play their part in warming your surroundings, making your home a cosy environment. This is the easiest part of preparing your home for autumn, as these are items that can go in storage during the warmer months. Consider whether you want to use similar textures and palettes to create a themed design through the home, or whether you want to mix different eras and stylings. The latter can be harder to pull off without creating clutter, but if you introduce items that you really love, they should all work together well.




During the autumn months, you might like to mix warmer textures with brighter palettes, to reflect those days during autumn which still remind you of those warmer months just gone, and without making the home too dark. Look into different types of furniture coverings that you can use at different times of the year. They will help highlight the shifting seasons and give you a sense of renewal and optimism with the changing weather.

Create a garden for winter

The biggest loss as the weather cools is that the garden tends to go into hibernation. Your autumn home designs can help combat this. Use both indoor plants and earthy colours (greens, brown, sienna etc.) to bring your garden into the house and offset the lack of vitamin D available in winter.

Change your lighting

During summer and daylight savings, you often don’t need as much lighting compared to the colder months. During autumn, look for warmer lighting solutions and those you can distribute throughout the home to create warm pockets of light.



Extra tips for autumn:

  1. Create space within the home through autumn and winter. It may be tempting to overfill your home with rugs and ottomans etc., which can still be used to create warmth, but in these months where you will inevitably spend more time inside the home, you don’t want to feel claustrophobic amongst your possessions.
  2. Consider assessing your kitchen – how it promotes flow and whether you can make cosmetic renovations (or even larger renovations) to prepare for the colder months when you will be spending more time cooking and communing around the kitchen.
  3. Get the books out. There is often an almost bitter divide between those who see books as a fundamental aspect to their home design, and those who feel claustrophobic when surrounded by dust-covered volumes. The solution may be to use books to warm your home design during the colder months before putting them into storage during spring and summer to create more space and levity in the home.
  4. Invest in a chiminea or a similar type of portable fireplace. These can encourage you to still use outside areas of your home and enjoy the feeling of an open fire throughout autumn. Winter is always too cold for sitting outside while summer is too hot. Autumn is the time for roasted marshmellows!