The best 2018 home products for under $50

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A bedside table

Feeling a little restless and keen to spice up your home with a few affordable additions? Creating beautiful home designs has never been more achievable, with 2018 seeing some incredibly stylish home products for under $50. Get your designer cap on and picture a new way of living in your home with these affordable design and storage solutions.

Home products for the living room

Living room storage unitKvistbro Storage Table – Ikea $49

Ikea have always been the storage kings, and this Kvistbro Storage Table achieves the perfect balance between providing a storage solution that has both utility as a coffee table and design piece within the living room or anywhere else in the house.

A labrador sitting on a pillow

Fetch Pet Vintage Pillow – Adairs $39.99

It’s not all about you when shopping. Think about your friend. These vintage pillows from Adairs are an affordable and high quality way to keep your best friend happy and cosy. These come in different styles, depending on your home design, and are stain resistant for the first fifteen washes.

Velvet chair

Grey Velvet Chair – Kmart $49

Kmart are now well-known for their stylish and resilient furniture pieces, which is where this grey velvet chair comes in. Great for either the living room or the bedroom, these are perfect for those who want to inject a bit of the 60’s into their designs, and are great as standalone pieces.

Brown sideboardSideboard Oak Look – Kmart $39

Keep things simple with this Scandinavian-inspired sideboard. Its large front panel and short support legs hark back to modernist aesthetics, while the use of pine in the piece means you are definitely getting bang for your buck.

Home products for the bathroom

An ikea chair towel rackRagrund Chair Rack – Ikea $49

The highlight of Ikea’s bathroom offerings under $50, the Ragrund Chair Rack is a stand alone piece of design in your bathroom. Keep your essentials below the seat and hang your towels on the back to soften the chair within the room. This is an affordable and elegantly modern way to spruce up your bathroom without having to buy multiple pieces of furniture or storage.

Bamboo towels

Home Republic Bamboo Towels – Adairs $49

You can’t go past Adairs and not buy their towels, and you can’t pass by their towels and not but bamboo. From underpants to sheets, bamboo has quickly taken homewares by storm due to its breathability, high quality construction and textural qualities. This is as soft as a towel can get, and still for under $50.

Marble soap dish

Home Republic Marble Dish – Adairs $29.99

Give your soap the home it has always asked for. This simple but impressive marble dish is a great way to finish off your home design, and show visitors that you are on top of even the smallest aspects of your home design.

Home products for the bedroom


ranarp-wall-clamp-spotlight-white__0476149_pe616098_s4Ranarp Wall Light – Ikea $29.99

Interested in lighting design trends in 2018? This Ranarp Wall Light from Ikea is a great example of ambient lighting, and its soft vintage mechanical design is perfect within the bedroom or in the study. The steel joints ensure their durability, so too do the textile cords.

Pillowcases in a box

Mercer + Reid Rejuvenation Pillowcases – Adairs $29.99

Try something new and bring some innovation to your bedroom stylings. These Mercer + Reid pillowcases from Adairs promise a better night sleep by maintaining healthy moisture levels in your skin, rather than becoming havens for bacteria as cheaper fabrics can be.

White bedsheets

Waffle Quilt Cover Set – Kmart $36

There is no more easier (and now more affordable) way to refresh your home design and your own mindset than new sheets. This Quilt Cover set from Kmart is simple and breathes due to its makeup of natural fibres and cotton. A great find for the warmer months.

Home products for the kitchen


Variera Utensil Tray– Ikea $29.99

High quality pieces are never more important than in the kitchen, as they have a dramatic influence on how often and in what way you utilise the room. Visible storage is always important, but never underestimate having stylish unseen solutions, such as this utensil tray. Easy to clean, fill your drawers with these timber trays so you no longer have that messy third drawer. Having high quality utensil trays will also give you more reason to find some high quality utensils.


Stainless Steel Blender – Kmart $29

You’re not a functioning adult until you own a blender. This is an affordable ($29) and high quality (stainless steel) way to prepare meals and have healthy breakfasts each morning. Forget microwaves, fridges, pans or even a sink…it is all about the blender.