Building up to get the most out of a small block

Written by in Renovating on December 9, 2016

Building up to get the most out of a small block

Property prices always seem to be increasing. Suburbs are becoming denser. Land seems like wishful thinking. So many home builders are choosing small lots as an affordable option for building a home in their preferred area.  You may be wondering how you can build a home big enough for your family that fits onto the land available. Fortunately, there is a simple answer: building up.

Building up and up and up

If your piece of land doesn’t allow much building space, then the smart solution is building up. A two-story home makes the most of a small piece of land without compromising on the size of the home.

Extend your living space

Two-storey homes can double their living space without extending outwards. This can make it the best solution for a small block. Depending on the size and the layout of the home, this design can also leave more open space for entertaining.

Plan those extra features

Building up offers great flexibility regarding the layout of your new home. Most builders and architects will have a variety of solutions available to help you build a two-storey home that suits your family’s lifestyle best. A two-storey home design often has room for additional features like extra storage space under the staircase, a second garage or the option to separate areas such as your living and dining rooms from the sleeping areas, by building them on separate floors.

Maximise your space

You will usually see small and affordable blocks  in densely built areas, but by building a double-storey home you can live on a small block without feeling confined. Not only does a two-storey home make the most of the land that is available outside, but it will also give you a feeling of being less cramped from inside the home. In many neighbourhoods a second storey will allow you to overlook the neighbouring house – creating more privacy and better views. Many people choose to make the most of their views by building a living area on the top storey or by adding balconies to the design of the house.

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