Creating an undercover entertainment area

Written by in Renovating

There are few occasions that get full attendance quite like an outdoor event in your entertainment area. Regardless of whether it’s a bright and early brunch or a balmy evening soirée,  the time spent on the verandah will be treasured long after your guests leave. If your undercover entertainment area is lacking inspiration, there are so many trends to get lost in and so many reasons why this is a worthy investment for your home. Some changes will be quick to achieve, and others may require a little more elbow grease, forethought and budget. From grass to granite, let’s look at how investing in an undercover entertainment area will transform your weekends and home dynamic.

A trans-seasonal solution

When hosting an event or get together, unpredictability is not something you want to contend with. That is why so many homeowners ensure that an undercover solution is part of their verandah design, not allowing any season to rain on the parade. It also negates many other weather types, keeping you and your guests dry all year round. A covered solution will also allow for heating infrastructure if you happen to live in the cooler parts of Australia, a luxury that open-roofed spaces can not enjoy. It also promotes a more established space, with BBQ’s and furniture able to be housed undercover with no threat of the elements.

Enhance your curbside appeal

It doesn’t matter what point you are in the sales funnel, the desire to increase your home value is something no one will deny. Creating, maintaining and presenting a bespoke undercover entertainment area is something that will turn the heads of savvy buyers, and it might even place you streaks ahead of homes you could be competing against. When buyers enter a home, they want to put themselves in these spaces and imagine what a lifestyle could be like in that environment. Few spaces in the home will drive this emotive response like your undercover entertainment area. Suddenly a home on the market becomes the backdrop of future memories and milestones, shared under the roof of your welcoming entertainment area.

Bring your inside out, and your outside in

Greenspaces and open plan living is a trend that will not be slowed down and appears to be evolving in step with the lifestyles we have worked to curate with intention. Investing in an undercover entertainment area will see homeowners blending their indoor living with the outdoors, and vice versa. With an increased digital dependence, having access to calm and natural environment will only serve you and your family. Everyday activities like having breakfast or answering emails can be so much more balanced when undertaken in an airy space that is separate from your home.

Create something entirely your own

Buying a home and nesting in your own space is something that comes naturally to us all. Although it’s often the case that we adopt establish homes, with limited chances at making changes ourselves. An entertainment area is always a blank canvas, allowing you to add or subtract exactly what you wish to achieve from your outdoor paradise. Timber roof, textured tiles, built-in seats – the homeowner will hold all the cards and can play whichever hand suits their home needs most. When it comes to home improvements, this is one of the areas that is priced at an attainable level so that you can bring your patio or veranda designs to life.

If you haven’t found your little slice of heaven at home, you may just need the inspiration to invest in an undercover entertainment area that will get your outside longer and enjoying your home. With every Australian pastime embroiled in outdoor activity, investing in a quality undercover entertainment area will never be lost on your family or the market.