Easypeasy weekend home design improvements

Written by view.com.au in Renovating

A white kitchen with a kitchen island in the foreground.

Feeling particularly creative this weekend? Or are you not too sure whether your emotional state is being impacted by a dreary living room or perhaps it’s the other way around? Either way, here are some easypeasy cheap and breezy home design improvements to get the house back up to scratch!

Home design 101: lighting up the room

Lighting in your home design isn’t something to take too lightly (sorry, bad pun). There’s lighting design for your home and then there are easy and affordable lighting improvements to leave you with the feeling that you really got something done this weekend.

There are three types of lighting in your home: ambient, specified and accent lighting. Ambient lighting is the most common form of lighting in the home, creating a general mood in the house depending on the room. Specified lighting is that which you’ll find in the bathroom or kitchen, such as over basins or stovetops, which has a specific use. Accent lighting is used to highlight particular design areas in the home, such as angles in the architecture or pieces of art or fabrics/textures.

Now you don’t have to tear your hair out trying to find a ladder made from beach wood, but there are some great things to find at op shops or even already in your home that you can (stylishly) drape lighting over.

There is something ingenious about the freestanding light. Keep things simple in your home design by using a freestanding light as both a furniture piece and way to change the lighting of any room in the house. This can be used as either ambient or accenting light, such as the above single light which offsets the geometry of the room.

Home design 102: Kitchen top improvements

It is an easy win to tell you to just paint your benchtop and both you and your house will feel great. But you need to remember that any imperfections in your benchtop are still going to be there after you paint it. There are products out there that offer a total resurfacing solution for your benchtops, but whether or not these are weekend jobs that you care to tackle is another thing.

If you don’t have any huge holes in your laminate benchtop then you are free to repaint! Simply sand back the surface, cover your edges with tape and use the specific paints supplied by brands that focus on benchtop renewals.

There are affordable timber alternatives for your new benchtop, which you can stain to offset different colours and textures in your kitchen.

Home design 103: a texture upheaval

Fabrics and various materials play a pivotal role in the feel of a room. Contrast soft carpets or wall pieces against strong materials such as wood and metals. Bring this materials close together to make sure the difference is accentuated.


Textures don’t have to just be about new rugs. One of the easiest and cheapest home design ideas is to incorporate eucalyptus as a decoration. Whether you head out each week in search of some fresh stuff, which is readily available here in Oz, or replace the idea of animal heads on the wall with eucalyptus on the wall. It will dry up so make sure you account for this by adding extra leaves for extra bulk.

Home design 104: a shelf for every little thing

A wooden inset bookshelf sits between a large window and a fireplace framed in white brick.

It’s relatively safe to say that no amount of shelving is too much shelving. Whether it be situated against a corner or wall-to-wall shelving, you instantly create a frame for your most prized possessions as well as exhibit your tastes and collections (whether they be books, souvenirs, records etc.) to those who visit.