Five decorating ideas for your home you haven’t thought of

Written by in Renovating on July 6, 2017

Five decorating ideas for your home you haven’t thought of

When it comes to decorating your home, a little effort can indeed go a long way. Simple additions to the home can be inexpensive with the power to bring life to a once dull atmosphere.

Discover how these five simple yet awesome decorative ideas will brighten up your home, amazing both friends and family.

A stool being used as a table with books and clothes on it.

1. Use things as tables

Whether it’s a stool, a chair, a bench, a trunk, you really don’t have to stick with being conventional. The hipster look of using other things in replacement of a table can serve the purpose of being a brilliant decorative piece of art.

Try adding a wooden chair in your guest room next to the bed. To nail this decorative idea, you’ll want to try and get a piece that is slightly different in theme to the rest of your home. This will help make it stand out as a feature piece!

Coloured waterbeads in vases with flowers

2. The magic of waterbeads

There is something magical about gazing at waterbeads in a vase. These beauties have a translucent look with light and graceful colours that you can take advantage of. Waterbeads are extremely cheap with the potential to create stunning masterpieces.

By simply adding water into what appears to be small grains of sand, waterbeads will absorb 95% of water creating spectacular translucent colour beads. Place singular colours in a wine glass on top of a table or even play around with the colours and create some waterbead art as they do with sand. You’ll surely discover the wonders of decorating your home with these simple yet magical waterbeads.

A bright blue wall

3. Reinvent the colour wheel

It is true when people say that colours can affect your mood. Imagine yourself out and about on a sunny day. The reason why you tend to feel uplifted is due to the brightness of the sun, the light gold rays, and bright blue tones of the sky. On days where it’s cloudy and dreary, the weather often reflects a dull gray colour that tends to leave negative emotions tugging at the heart.

Applying this into decorating your home, colours that combine shades of mint, sea green, and stone will overwhelm your rooms with a calming sensation. Other colours such as light sky blue could add the feeling of freshness, while a soothing yellow could open up room for harmony.

Various glass bottles in multiple colours

4. The power of glassware

Glass is a great way to decorate without taking away attention from the room itself. Being translucent in nature, glass adds the illusion of space to your home but essentially not appearing to take up any space! If you’re looking for a way to make your entryway look bigger, a full glass table will do the trick.

Instead of using ceramic bowls to place your keys in, use a glass jar instead. You could even venture into the artistic potential of glass art and create your own glass masterpieces with paint or waterbeads.

A beautiful patterned pillow

5. Pillows and cushions

When you think of Grandma, you’ll probably think of granny glasses, the scent of freshly baked cookies, an apple, possibly a big bad wolf, and a flower-themed room full of pillows and cushions. And we mean a lot of pillows and cushions.

As much as the thought of Granny is comforting, times have changed. Fast forward to the modern day and you’ll find that it’s not really about quantity anymore. Going with lesser pillows and cushions but thinking big can really add a twist to your home. A big pillow or cushion will set the scene of looking like a masterpiece on a bed or sofa without going over the top.

Author: Danielle Lovrecich is the owner of Water Beads Australia. Their water beads are fun, versatile, educational and they look absolutely stunning. They can be used for home decor, school projects, table centrepieces, vases, gardening, or just some good old fashioned crafty fun.