Home projects to put off during Halloween

Written by Douglas Ross in Renovating on October 28, 2016

Home projects to put off during Halloween

Halloween is just that over the top holiday we see in American TV Shows and Movies but don’t celebrate in Australia right? Wrong! Halloween has become increasingly popular around the country with more kids getting out in their spooky costumes, trick or treating.

So even if you choose to spend your night staying inside with all the lights off so the kids think you’re not home, we don’t recommend completing these home projects at any stage on the 31st of October.

Chopping down that dead tree

It’s Halloween. What kind of message are you giving to the little trick-or-treaters if you open the door with a chain saw in your hands? Their screams will far and away drown out your explanation that the Beech tree out the back has had tree rot for months. Put the chainsaw away. And if an axe is your tree hacking weapon of choice, you may be going away for a while.

Painting that feature wall blood red

Scary movies are playing on people’s TVs across the nation right now. Why make things worse by cracking open that paint tin, painting half the wall in blood-curdling burgundy before answering the door to a group of sweet, innocent trick-or-treaters? Have you no sense?

Fixing that loose faucet

It’s not Christmas yet so people aren’t yet dusting off their Home Alone 2 DVDs but perhaps there is still a lesson to learn from that movie. Well, there are a hundred lessons to learn from that movie but one really does apply to you if you are thinking about fixing that sink in the basement. Remember the horrifying (yes, horrifying) scene where poor Marv gets electrocuted because of a psychopathic preteen vagabond called Kevin? Just watch how that kid plays with that dial. There are plenty of fake skeletons on balconies as it is, don’t add any more realism to the night.

Cleaning up your front entrance

It’s Halloween, not auction day. The point is to make your front yard look as scary as possible. Planting hydrangeas and laying the bricks for a new garden path are best for another weekend. The cobwebs are great! Don’t get rid of them! It’s supposed to be the scariest day of the year. Answer your door with a fake arrow in your head, not like this guy. (If it is auction day, by God ignore everything in this article. Clean up and read up on how to present your home for an open house.