IKEA furniture for small spaces

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If you need to perform an impressive series of moves worthy of an Olympic gymnast just to get around the furniture in your home… you really need to consider some smaller furniture.

As land availability becomes scarcer and apartments become smaller, the struggle to find the perfect balance of functionality and size we need in our furniture becomes more difficult. Lucky for us IKEA exists, and lucky for you this article exists, so you can easily find the best IKEA furniture for small spaces.

Check out the top 10 pieces you can incorporate into your home right now.


If you are lacking floorspace there is really only one way you can go – up!

Mounting shelves, hooks and containers on your wall is the ideal way to generate more storage without impacting the flow of the kitchen. The Kungsfors Susp Rail unit is the perfect way to take advantage of unused wall space, and you can create your own combination of shelves and hooks to accommodate your kitchen.


Not ready to commit to an entire wall of storage? No worries! The Kungsfors Rail and S-Hooks along with these Net Bags are the perfect way to store your vegetables in a easy-access manner, without overcommitting.


The Vadholma Kitchen Island is another option for those in a smaller kitchen without an island bench. With plenty of shelf storage and a great slab of a butcher block on top – it is practical as well stylish. Team with this overhead rack to create even more space for your pots, pans and utensils!



The living room is one of the worst offenders for wasted space, while at the same time the most susceptible to overcrowding if not managed correctly. Here are our top IKEA small living room ideas:

The Hemnes TV Unit is a bit large – we don’t deny it. But even if it takes up your entire living room wall, the storage it provides is WELL worth it. With plenty of shelving and a plethora of IKEA cubes, boxes and baskets to chose from, you’ll find a place for everything with this piece! Use these boxes to keep the clutter to a minimal.


We are all about multi-functional furniture here, so the Hol Side Table gets a big tick in our book. Very ‘in’ at the moment, this table is made out of a solid, durable wood, and can be opened up to store anything from your blankets to your books.


Same deal with the Kvistbro Storage Table – smart and dual functioning!


The Sammanhang Coffee Table has one more additional function – it is the perfect display case! If your possessions are worthy of being out on show, this is the perfect coffee table for you.



Try these Tjusig Door Hangers – perfect for the hallway or the back of a door!


The Hemnes Shoe Cabinet offers a slim design, perfect for a narrow hallway or bedroom. Store up to eight pairs of shoes, plus you have a lovely shelf on top!


If you have a small space that requires multiple functions – think a combined living room and bedroom – try using a Risor Room Divider to separate the spaces and create more defined spaces!


What do you think of our small space furniture from IKEA?