Lighting designs trends in 2018

Written by in Buying

Light globes in front of a feature wall

Lighting design continues to be one of the last things many people think about when renovating or building a home, but it can have one of the largest influences on how effectively the architecture and interior design of a home is communicated. Lighting design trends this year have continued on from previous years in some respects, moving away from certain trends towards those that celebrate the bespoke, the old and imperfect and those that unite a home’s design.

Here are 10 lighting design trends we have seen gain popularity this year.

1. Back-lit framing


Back-lit lighting continues to gain in popularity due to its seamless design within the home, allowing for a sense of minimalism while highlighting features, such as feature walls, artwork or mirrors. These feature predominantly in contemporary bathroom and bedroom designs, but are increasingly being used as features in their own right.


2. Beaded prisms


What looks like threaded beads of different shapes continues to make its presence in lighting design in 2018. Cylindrical shapes make up the bulk of designs, often off set against geometric shapes, or contrasted with inverted cylindrical designs, such as inverted bowls.


3. London underground inspired


Featured most heavily in the bathroom, there is a London underground design ethos in the tiling, cabinetry and lighting design, which continues to make itself present in 2018. This may fall away come 2019, as it has a polished look that may quickly be seen as gaudy if used to brashly. Just like chocolate, if it is too rich, you can only have so much before you start to feel overwhelmed.

4. Floor lights


Similar to framed back lighting, floor lights are a common feature this year in lighting design, as they are easier to install (allowing for higher ceiling designs that don’t require you to change any lightbulbs) and guide the eye through a home’s interior design (much like on an airplane in an emergency!).

5. Playing with natural light


It isn’t just industrial designers and artists who have the last say on lighting design. A gigantic part of an architect’s job, or a landscape architect’s job in some cases, is the consideration of lighting. A good architect will be able to play with both artificial and natural light to create both shifting and permanent lighting features within the home.

6. Art deco


Art Deco lighting design is one of the most timeless trends due to its specificity, ironically enough. Art Deco design transports you back to a period, which helps it maintain its relevance as a source of context within the home. Unfortunately, due to its iconic look, art deco design (especially in lighting) cannot be lost amongst too many other design periods/flavours. Use either in isolation or as part of a larger art deco design. Gold is a prominent feature of this aesthetic. 

7. Directional lighting


Directional lighting will continue in its popularity into 2019. It is an effective use of one of the three main lighting types in home lighting design , accent lighting, as it highlights particular areas of home.

8. Elongated lighting


A lighting trend that is making its presence known this year is that of elongated, oversized lighting that creates its own frame. The above is a great example of this alienesque design, which frames a doorway in an arch design, while having an anthropomorphic aspect to it, with its stem like the stretched neck of a creature bending over to listen to a conversation on the couch.

9. Full tubular lighting


Tubular lighting, either in cylindrical or geometric form, has been growing in popularity for the past five years. Used previously in simple forms set against metals to great effect, developments in technology allow designers to create standalone lights.

10. Vintage filament globes


Warning: vintage filament globes became outdated almost as soon as they came in to home design. Their prevalence within hospitality design, as well as how much energy they use, made them a short lived fad. There are some exceptions, such as the above, where their brilliance as a feature in a home is unparalleled and undeniable.