How to make the most of a small master bedroom

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A small master bedroom

Recently moved into a home and had to sacrifice on your master bedroom space? This is not a problem at all, as there is a range of ways to make the most of a small master bedroom so that you quickly forget about its size and even turn it into your most favourite room of the house.

Avoid curtains


It may seem obvious, but anything that impinges on space in the room and doesn’t need to be there can be cut! Look at switching curtains for any form of flush shade/bind option to maximise space.

Avoid ‘storage solutions’

Storage, ironically enough, may not necessarily be your friend in trying to make the most of a small master bedroom. Looking for storage gives you a reason to fill that storage with things you may not really need or want. First do a good spring clean of your possessions, and once you have narrowed everything down to the essentials and those things you can’t do without, look elsewhere in the house to store them. For some reason, our bedroom dressers, side tables and closets become the default place to store a lot of stuff we would normally throw out, or that could be kept elsewhere. Keep your bedroom just to your clothes, and that includes possibles storing your shoes elsewhere.  17

Keep things bright


Bright is best, but more than anything, keep things uniform. The more disjointed your decorating becomes, the more it impinges on your sense of space in the room. Of course, there are exemptions. Where a feature wall 9/10 times works against you in a small master bedroom, the below example quickly and effectively transports you to a new world. More often than not, however, it is best to stick to bright and uniform palettes in your choice of paints/wallpapers and linen.


Work with the room, not against it.

If this means a bed against a window, this isn’t necessarily the end of the world. This also might mean a smaller bed. Will a double bed suffice in place of a queen or king-sized mattress? Finally, now that you have cleared your room of unnecessary items and just have your clothes to deal with, you have a choice of either finding a bed frame that can house your wardrobe or, if you have space, choosing a lower bed frame. A lower bedframe will enhance the height of your room.

Think vertically


Rather than wall length or regular mirrors, install a floor to ceiling mirror to draw the eyes upward. You can also achieve this in other ways, such as your choice of accompanying furniture, headboard, and plants. These should all emphasise the vertical more than anything else.



Avoid hanging lights


You may have cottoned on to a similar theme here and that is avoiding appliances or decorations that either impinge on your ability to move around the room or inadvertently highlight the size of the room. A central hanging light draws your eye and can subconsciously remind you of the size of the room. Instead, look at installing flush lighting either on the ceiling by way of LED lighting or on the wall.

Bring the outside in


Natural light reigns supreme in a small master bedroom, so look out for opportunities to open the room up to the outside world, whether by way of larger windows or through installing rooflights – the larger the better.